VOTE NOW: BEST BUMS 2020 (Round One)

So many students chose to put their government-allowed time outdoors to good use, so exercise your democratic rights to vote now!


Overall, 2020 has been a bit of a let-down. A pandemic, a lost Cambridge term, lockdown after lockdown – everything feels different and ‘unprecedented’. Turns out, though, that not even a pandemic will stop Cambridge students from taking their kit off for the chance to appear in The Tab Cambridge Best Bums hall of fame (and, let’s be honest, is Tab fame even fame worth having?)

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, here’s your chance to vote for the best bum in Cambridge in 2020. Will those lockdown workout regimes have earned students a glorious peach, or will those in more daring locations steal the show? Most importantly, do Cambridge students still give a rat’s arse about who has the best bum in Cambridge (and – genuinely – we had one rat’s arse submitted, so we really do want to know).

Caroline, studying Art History at Jesus

Caroline can take no moor(ing) of 2020, and who can blame her? She has to be commended for going for arguably the most iconic Cambridge view of all, looking onto King’s Chapel, with an iconic peach to go with it.

Jason, studying Engineering at Trinity

Jason here clearly busting the age-old adage “would rather do my best bum photo at O*ford than at John’s”. Wait, hang on, that’s not how it goes…

Theresa, studying Classics at Downing

Cambridge Best Bums

This is very reminiscent of that scene in the Lion King where Mufasa surveys his kingdom (the savannah), but with fewer lions, and set in Cambridge, so not like it at all really. Still, Theresa manages to create a real air of majesty in her entry for this year’s Cambridge Best Bums competition.

Clemmie, studying English at Newnham

Cambridge Best Bums

Most libraries nowadays demand masks to be on at all times, but in Clemmie’s defence, they never say anything about not having your clothes off?

George, John, Ringo and Paul, all studying Compsci at Sidney Sussex

A real top quality group entry to 2020’s competition, this group of guys really go above and beyond in the name of household bonding. It also poses many intriguing questions for the viewer: what is John pointing at? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s their aspirations of winning Best Bums 2020!

Beatrice, studying Archaeology at Caius

It’s a toss-up for what is the most remarkable thing about this photo: how great Beatrice’s bum is or how on EARTH she found a stretch of unoccupied wall on King’s Parade to stand on for her photograph now that in lockdown, especially during lunchtimes, this wall has more bums on it than Tab’s Best Bums competition. We’re jealous, wall.

Peggy, studying Maths at Corpus

Cambridge Best Bums

The (window) framing of this photograph from Peggy really is unparalleled. Ingeniously, too, she found a way to stay warm whilst entering Best Bums – no need to bother going outside and freezing your bum off in November!

Stay at home, Protect Tab Best Bums, save Michaelmas Term.

Alex, Charlie and Jordan, studying MML, Linguistics and PBS at Emma

No flags in windows? No problem. Hold one up whilst posing naked for Tab Best Bums. A more effective way of getting the message out, if you ask us.

Nigel, Boris and Don, with Nigel studying Phys Natsci and Boris and Don studying Engineering at Homerton

The editors have no witty commentary for this entry, only many, many questions.

Angus, Matilda and Shannon, studying Geography, Education and HSPS at St Johns

Cambridge Best Bums

The stairway to heaven has never looked so peachy as it does in this entry for Best Bums 2020. Let’s hope Shannon has even footing though, the domino effect could be disastrous.

Can’t get enough of the peachiness? Look out for Round 2 of Cambridge Best Bums… coming soon!