Graham Virgo knows you all watch your lectures at 2x speed

And he’s not mad about it

When interviewed by The Tab this week, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Graham Virgo revealed that he knows that students like to watch lectures sped up, in the new COVID-era Cambridge, and actually appears to endorse it.

He told us, when discussing the merits of online learning: “the positives are (students) can go into a lecture when they like, they can repeat it, they can slow it down, actually I know a number are speeding it up if they feel the lecturer is going a bit slowly, so that degree of control is very interesting, and good.”

Whether the Vice-Chancellor, a lecturer and supervisor himself in Law at Downing, discovered this phenomenon through his students, or the copious amounts of memes written about it on Camfess, he did not disclose.

In honour of Professor Virgo’s support for this elite partially online term hack, we have rounded up some of the most iconic Camfesses on the issue:

When it gets to this stage, I think you need to… go out for a walk or something

Credit: Camfess via Facebook

Not all heroes wear capes

Credit: Camfess via Facebook

Fairly sure this one doesn’t come with the Virgo stamp of approval…

credit: Camfess via Facebook

I can’t even articulate my thoughts properly at 1x speed

Credit: Camfess via Facebook

Online learning in some form looks like it’s here to stay for some time yet, so perhaps those of us who have not yet  evolved to such levels of lecture-watching efficiency ought to get some practice in before the end of Michaelmas. But what we all want to know is, has anyone ever put Professor Virgo himself on 2x speed? 

Feature image credit: Kohlrabi Pickle (Wikimedia Commons)