Answer these questions and we’ll tell you what type of Cambridge self-isolator you are

‘I’m not like other self-isolators’

With colleges such as Selwyn and Homerton recently being placed in partial lockdown, and the University’s Asymptomatic Testing Programme ramping up, an increasing number of Cambridge students are facing the reality of not leaving their rooms for at least 10 days.

But what does your response to self-isolation tell us about you? Are you desperate to get all of your work done, or desperate to get your household together for an informal formal? Are you frantically running out of post-it notes through making witty signs, or are you just happy to be able to catch up on your favourite series?

If you’re keen to find out which type of self-isolator you are (and then flex on your friends when you’re a superior type), then have a go at The Cambridge Tab’s quiz: