Fomo is evil, Hotel? Trivago and getting called out – New YCA podcast out now!

Essential isolation listening material!

We’re back! Three weeks in and we have a second podcast for you, freshly edited and full of sage advice. Click here to listen!

Tune in to hear Your College Aunts address the juicier questions not featured in this week’s column and, share possibly a-little-too-much of their daily routines while calling each other out for being useless at forming habits and dressing in something other than pyjamas.

Avoiding loneliness, lacking motivation and false fresher friendships – we tackle all that and more. We’ve cut down on the relationship and romance questions this time, to give you a rather more wholesome and positive episode.

If that hasn’t convinced you to stop what you’re doing and listen to us advise you on how to be bothered to watch online lectures, here are some quotes to give you a flavour of what to expect:

‘My whole life is a Covid episode!’

‘You have to take control of your own life’

‘It’s all a bit free love’

‘You haven’t heard my mattress saga!’

‘My bathroom looks like primary school toilets’

‘You need someone to poke you’

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Your College Aunts x

Have any worries?

Here is the link for next week, submit your questions and worries to your heart’s content.

Cover image artwork: Hanna Ladbrooke