New column & PODCAST alert! Your College (agony) Aunts

We want to hear from YOU

Are you a Fresher stressed about managing the work, life, sleep balance?

Are you a seasoned third year cringing at the thought of bumping into your recent ex in Bould Brothers?

Are you a new Masters student wondering what to expect from the weird and wonderful world of Cambridge?

Meet Your College Aunts!

The Tab Cambridge is launching a new weekly agony aunt column Your College Aunts, where two of the senior editorial team will be dishing out advice left, right and centre to help in your hour of need. Each fortnight we will have a theme for questions with the first one being ‘Freshers and Refreshers’. If it’s your first year, we want to hear your fresher freak-outs and if not then your homecoming hitches (alliteration is hard, roll with it).

Alongside the column, we are also starting a biweekly podcast, where said senior eds will mull over some of the best dilemmas we didn’t feature in the column, in a chill and chatty format. We will also feature some of the best Facebook comments from the column, so make sure to leave your thoughts on those to have your name on-air (huge BNOC points in-store).

Your college aunt #1 in between working hard as a frep.

The column will be up every Monday on The Tab, with the podcast available every other Thursday on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Breaker, Castbox and any other podcasting listening platform you can think of!

Your college aunt #2 back when Cindies was still on the cards. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Most importantly, we need your submissions! To express these struggles and anything on your mind fill in this cheeky google form. All submissions are anonymous.

See you when term starts.


Your College Aunts

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Cover image artwork credit: Hanna Ladbrooke