Here are (some of) the Cambridge pubs opening this weekend

Here are the places you can get your hands on those sweet £4 pints we’ve been missing!

It’s been four months since I’ve last set foot in a Cambridge pub, handed my card over without daring to even think about the price of a pint and then spent the rest of the evening fending off tourists. And now, even though we’re not back in Cambridge, the pubs are back in business. Read on to see who’s open (and who we’re still waiting on </3 )

Before you go, check to see what fun COVID-19 related changes have been implemented in your chosen local (don’t incur the wrath of bar staff or other punters!)

The Eagle

Arguably Cambridge’s most famous, and most touristy, The Eagle will be open from Monday 6th July. They’ve got hand sanitising facilities, are using disposable menus and are asking customers to book tables in advance. They’d like you to use the Order & Pay app, or contactless payment.

The Granta

Like The Eagle, The Granta will also be open from Monday 6th July, and are following the same procedure (book tables in advance, hand sanitising facilities, social distancing etc.). One Order & Pay app for two of my favourite Cambridge pubs? Count me in baby!

The Mitre

The Mitre is open now! While operating on reduced opening hours and capacity, they’re advising that you call before you visit or look at their Facebook page for further updates. They’ve also got a reduced menu, and also recommend booking tables – they’re trying to accommodate walk-ins, but it’ll probably be a long wait!

Take me back to my pals and my pints 🙁

The Maypole

Opening today, The Maypole has updated opening hours (from Tuesdays to Saturdays), as well as table service only (book a table in one or two hour slots!) and a one-way system. They’re asking that you use contactless, and use their hand sanitising stations frequently.

Portland Arms

Also opening today, The Portland Arms has new opening hours and ask you to book in advance – while they’ll try to accommodate walk-ins, that may not be possible. The team has installed screens, removed some tables to ensure social distancing and all customers inside must be seated.


Disclaimer: these are not all the open pubs. Who could even name all the pubs in Cambridge, anyway? Perhaps a more fitting title would be ‘here are the open pubs that I, in my refusal to travel further than 20 minutes on foot, occasionally go to’. If you want to see a far better pub map than the one Google Maps offers, look here.

Remember to check your pub of choice’s website before you venture out – should you decide to – and to observe the social distancing guidelines. Stay safe!

And spare a thought for two of my favourites who aren’t opening just yet: The Bath House, The Anchor and Baron of Beef. Forever in my heart <3 

All image credits to author unless otherwise specified. Featured image credit: Genevieve Holl-Allen