Every type of Cambridge student you’ve been missing in lockdown

Let’s face it, even you’re beginning to miss the awkward rower interactions

So, Easter term has been (and gone) online and we have all been forced to study from home. This meant that we no longer had the opportunity to bump into our fellow students – and despite what we may have expected, we’ve begun to miss our favourite student stereotypes. Here’s a round-up of our unforgettable acquaintances from the good old days.

The Rowers

The river is just not the same without them (Photo credit: Katie Thacker)

This lot can be quite controversial, and I’m sure that some of you will  be happy to take a break from the constant rowing chat. I know that some of my non-boatie friends are happy to take a break from me complaining (again, and again) about how packed the river was that morning. However, you cannot deny that rowers do lie at the heart of Cambridge. And let’s be honest, the university would not be the same without its expansive rowing community (cult?)

The Library Dweller

Do you even know what their face looks like?

We all know that one person who seems to spend more time in the library than anywhere else in Cam. It almost seems like they went to university to actually get a degree, and the library really has become their second home. Whenever they reply to a snap, you can always see the familiar rows of books that never seem to leave their background – and good for them, maybe they will actually finish their degree with a first.

The Posh Boys

Do you dare to look directly into his eyes?

From the moment they begin to speak you know that these students went to boarding school and spend plenty of time at their second home in France. They love a good pint on a night out, but some may not seem to be able to handle more than two. Guaranteed to be found at Union events.

The thesp

How many thesps does it take to change a profile pic? (Photo credit: Charissa Cheong)

We all know at least one person whose profile picture is an ever-changing advert for their next production. When they’re not at a rehearsal, they are (probably) going out and (probably not) doing their supo work. Does anyone know when they sleep?

The Ghost

Nowhere to be seen

This is that one person that we saw move in on arrival day and not seen a glimpse of since. It almost seems like they are either never in college or never leave their room, and only the very lucky ones can claim to have spoken to them. Maybe they have a significant other in a different college, maybe they spend all of their time talking to people from home, maybe they are only a figment of your imagination. One thing is for certain: they will forever be a mystery.

Lecture Skipper

“A 9am? More like asleep atm”

These students are most likely to be found in bed peacefully snoozing at 9 am. And we can all agree that that is where all of us want to be, especially on a Thursday morning. However, only the select few are brave enough to actually do it. This species of Cambridge student is most commonly found in subjects with recorded lectures, and Englings.

The Sesh-head

A balanced diet is a bottle of wine in each hand

That one person on every floor/staircase that seems to think that 3am is a perfectly acceptable time to return to college. Fuelled entirely by VKs and bottom-shelf vodka, they can always be found in the Cindies’ smoking area. It almost seems like they never have 9ams and all of us have been jealous of their lifestyle at least once or twice.

Your supo partner

Big love to my supo partner, Prince Charles <3 (Photo Credit: Harriet Wadey)

And finally, that one person who you have spent a great amount of time with no matter how different you are. You have rescued one another from your supervisor’s tricky questions and have developed a true bond through that struggle. Although you’ve had online supos together, it’s simply not the same 🙁


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