Seven online shopping hacks you haven’t heard of

Get in loser we’re going shopping!

Despite not going out in over a month, I have bought more online than I have all year. Here are some tips that you need to know before your end of lockdown splurge!

My new wardrobe and I with nowhere to go

1. Honey? Where’s my super suit?

This one I am hoping you have already heard of and are blessing your lucky stars every time you use it. Honey is an internet add-on that automatically searches for any available discount codes and then finds the best deal for the website you are on. It really is magic.

(Frozone, The Incredibles)

2. Ye best believin’ in ghost stories, Miss Turner. Yer in one.

It’s always good to remain invisible when shopping online by using Chrome’s incognito mode or clearing your search history. It has often been found that if sites know you are looking for a specific thing, maybe a handbag or a leather jacket, they often up the prices. You might not believe me, but I promise it happens more than you think!

(Captain Barbossa, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl)

3. A martini. Shaken, not stirred.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a UNiDAYS discount code as much as the next broke student, but it isn’t the only student discount service out there! Although we all have our favourite drink, it is dangerous to stick to one discount app. Another favourite of mine is Student Beans, who has nearly every store that UNiDAYS doesn’t cover. It sometimes has even higher discounts on stores like Urban Outfitters, so it really isn’t an app to ignore!

(James Bond, Literally any Bond film)

Your basket never looked so good!

4. No one puts Baby in a corner!

It may be the time of social distancing, but sometimes you DO want things all in one corner, especially online items! Shoptagr allows you to make a single wishlist with all your coveted items from every store.  It also notifies you when your items are discounted or back in stock—a quality app.

(Johnny, Dirty Dancing)

5. To read? Why would you want to read when you got the television set sitting right in front of you?

Don’t disregard the shopping channel. Don’t roll your eyes – I promise it’s not a joke! As well as being strangely addictive, the shopping channel does actually have some quite good deals. Since we are all in lockdown, there is all the time in the world for daytime TV.

(Harry Wormwood, Matilda)

My makeshift shopping channel!

6. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Choosing which days to online shop is no laughing matter. Wednesdays are when discount codes are often released. Tuesday through to Thursday is the optimum shopping time, while Sundays are an absolute no go. You have been warned!

(Wednesday Adams, The Addams Family Values)

7. You had me at hello.

We have all been there. Waiting on the line for the dreaded automated customer service only to press the wrong number option. makes life so much easier except for the antisocial. Just type in the shop and get a phone number that will put you in touch with a real person and skip holding time.

(Dorothy Boyd, Jerry Maguire)

So there you go! You are all set for your post lockdown spurge. Or, if you have already started, at least now you can shop guilt-free knowing you’re saving money.

Photos are author’s own