Pubs, pints, and paintings: Your last pre-corona Cambridge snaps

We asked you for your saddest, happiest, funniest and uh, most “normal” pics pre-pandemic

Ah, the 15th of March 2020 – when we all thought the worst thing to happen would be the cancellation of a bop, and we’d all be back in time for KA and a (un)healthy dose of exam stress. Weren’t we dumb?

Here’s my personal, not-so-normal submission from the Labour Club pub crawl featuring The Tab’s very own kween, Edan Simpson. 14/03 </3

To romanticise the past, we asked and loads of you submitted your fateful Images Taken Moments Before Disaster to us, and we’ve selected our favourites – peep em out.

Arran, HSPS at Christ’s


Tbf, it is really fit. Image credit: Arran Parry-Davies

Smexie and hot first submission from second-year Arran, taken at the final Grandma Groove. Given it was a week before term ended, likely not his last and just forged to make him look cute for the article. I see you Arran, I’ll allow it.

Christ’s Art Society

Nice leg pal xx. Image Credit: Chater Paul Jordan

Unelaborated, heart-wrenching and melancholic; it’s no Rembrandt, but you don’t need to be an art critic to feel the pain of this final pic from Christ’s Art Soc. Hope McDonalds see this bro x

Elliot Zhou, Architecture at Eddies

RIP to all those doing Zoom Architecture. Image Credit: Elliot Zhou

“This is our last physical submission at [the] department of architecture, probably the only physical submission of across different years of the department.” A shockingly sweet picture, and the project looking sickening

Anonymous, College of Hard Knocks

Can always rely on my friends to stay classy. Image Credit: Hollie Wright

In light of the announcement that sex with people outside of your household is illegal in the U.K. as of this week, this hits hard Luv 🙁 stay strong, chads

Rushabh, Engineering at Sidney Sussex

Christ’s pieces, “Sunset on 14th March”

Adorable submission from Rushabh – more so if we ignore the foreshadowing. Remember when the trees were bare? 🙁

Floss, Engineering at Magdalene

Happy (incredibly late) birthday, Jules x. Image Credit: Floss

“21st Birthday in Magdalene the night that everyone got sent home” – to think Girton Spring Ball went ahead and Magdalene bop didn’t…lit rally madness.

David Hoey, Plant Science PhD at Girton

Enjoy these utterly gorgeous images from David, who is now yet to prove that there is a part of his life that is not plant related

Eleanor, Medicine at Emmanuel

Champagne to a picnic? Stunning behaviour. Image Credit: Eleanor

On the topic of plants, we have this adorable submission from Eleanor: “Last normal pic from Cambridge! Saturday 14th March: picnic in the botanical gardens”

Sophia, HSPS at Robinson

Selwyn is still criminally underrated. Image Credit: Sophia Kjeldbjerg

Loving this utterly wholesome pic from Sophia, and even more loving the fashion that we are served here. Drop the Pinterest ladies.

Amy, Law at Corpus

“Mathematical Bridge in Pride colours and Bridge of Sighs from a punt” – both taken “way back when”.

Millie, History at Christ’s

Cheeky cheeky!

Katie, English at Churchill

People actually go to Grantchester? Image Credit: Katie Thacker

“Not strictly the last but can pretend it was because the other one is horrific – at Grantchester drinking overpriced drinks with friends to celebrate finishing term 🥺🥺” – We Want the Real Pics 🤬 but this is cute so I’ll let it slide.

Edan, History at Emmanuel

…Image Credit: Edan Simpson

Thanks Edan, Very Cool!

Harriet, Classics at Newnham

Image Credit: Harriet King

“Taken the day before I got kicked out from Cambridge (though it does look empty already!)” feat. Newnham looking gorg as per. It really do feel like pure shit, just want her back x