Good News Column, Week 4: Flute-playing porters, epic fundraisers and animal cuteness

More good news than you could shake a stick at!

I have come to the conclusion that there are only three reasons why you wouldn’t read this week’s good news column:

1. Having read last week’s article, you have fooled yourself into believing that you have had your fill of good news.

2. You are sorely disillusioned with quarantined life, believing that the only pure good left in the world is in the form of Ratatouille (the movie).

3. You are evil.

Seeing as it is actually impossible to have had enough good news in your life and you (probably) aren’t evil, you must definitely read on and let us persuade you that there is fortunately still much good left in our little existence! Grab your tea, snuggle into your blanket and settle down for a bumper good news article which will lift your spirits, remind you that Cambridge does still exist and bring a bit of happiness to your inevitably dull day in lockdown.

CULNC raise over £4k for charity

Whilst you’ve been slobbing on the sofa, the Cambridge University Ladies Netball Club have been doing more exercise than an overactive cheetah on a very hungry afternoon. Armed with 10 times the average commitment level and 10 times the average fitness level, the CULNC have managed to collectively run over 2000km in under 10 days. Yes, you read it right, TWO THOUSAND km! I can barely run five. They raised a whopping £4,000 for Cambridge Women’s Aid. Think I’ll just stick to the donating part of this scheme, thank you very much.

Monty the Porter brings joy with flute playing

Meet ‘Monty’, the wonderful ex-army, Emma College, flute-playing porter. We’re official in love. During the lockdown, he’s been putting his flute skills to good use for the weekly NHS clap and also for the Emma College Music Society. With heart-warming tunes by Judy Garland and Mozart (only the best, darling), Monty has been known to soften even the hardest of hearts with his music. Let’s face it, we’re all silently (or not so silently) wishing we had our own Monty to bring us as much joy on a Thursday evening as he does to his street. Watch the video below, and see how long it takes for your heart to melt. I estimate five seconds.

Monty told The Tab: “In my former career I was an Army musician and principle flautist of the Dragoon Guards Band. Through various promotions I ended my career as The Band Sergeant Major. I have toured all over the world and was deployed in both gulf wars 91 and 203. I’m married to Heather and have two sons.”

Oh deer! Wolfson Gardens have a hungry visitor

“As students hide away, the Wolfson deer comes to play” goes the age-old saying. This deer was particularly friendly and captured on camera by gardeners Oscar Holgate and Chris Clarke, who were obviously chuffed to meet this little fella. Name a cuter animal you’ve seen all week… we’ll wait and you can thank us for finding this clip later :))

A visitor to the student garden

Oscar Holgate is keeping the garden in shape (with help from Chris Clarke) and it looks like he needs to keep an eye on the student garden, which is very…tasty!

Posted by Wolfson College on Tuesday, 12 May 2020

‘Freddie the Fox’ breaks into Christ’s Porter’s Lodge

We met rule-breaking bad-boy, ‘Freddie the Fox’ last week in his element: thrill seeking. Not satisfied with stepping on the pristine Christ’s grass last week, this week, he’s taken craftiness to a whole new level. Sneaking into plodge and past the porters, Freddie managed to pass the ever-watchful eye of the porter on duty without being noticed. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Sadly, not all of us have been as effective. We’re in awe, Freddie! We need to take a leaf or two out of your book for our next return to college from a night-out.

Pembroke complete Virtual Lockdown Cycle for CARA

If CULNC didn’t motivate you to get active, maybe this will! The Oxford-Cambridge bike ride is an annual fundraising tradition at Pembroke College, in which a group of students cycle the 85 mile route to raise funds for a chosen charity. This year, the cycle was planned to take place on 9th May in support of CARA (the Council for At-Risk Academics). When the cycle was cancelled, a virtual lockdown cycle took place instead! Not to be deterred from the task at hand, the group individually completed the 85 mile cycle over the course of the week, continuing to raise money for charity. Commitment, dedication, enthusiasm: a winning combination which we could all do with at this time!

KBC boat club find ways to establish ‘virtual fitness community’

In a bid to roll out a project targeted at helping oncoming freshers and current students (rowing and non-rowing) from all colleges in an open fitness community, Kings College Boat Club have started an Instagram account, creating a friendly and welcoming environment for upcoming freshers. They are also planning on starting a series of warmup and Q&A livestreams, whilst running an online circuit aimed at all abilities.


#GirtonPoetryFortnight is a success

If you’re lacking a bit of culture in your week, look no further than this! To celebrate 10 years of the national Jane Martin Poetry Prize, Girton are launching a special anthology featuring Girton poets throughout history. Students from the Girton Amateur Dramatics Society have been reading some highlight poems from the ‘Girtonian Poets from the past’. Listen to the poems and see what you think! They’re wholesome, cute AND cultured… why ever wouldn’t you?

Queens’ JCR holds TikTok competition

And finally, Queens’ JCR held a TikTok competition, featuring the submissions featured on their Insta!

Screenshot published with permission of the author

Stay tuned for more good news next week!

Featured image: Pixabay.