Seven ways to spice up your quarantine Zoom calls

From a classic Netflix party with a twist to a Virtual Fitzbillies

We all know the feeling. You’re doing your weekly quarantine Zoom calls, and you have officially run out of things to say. Since lockdown, there is nothing interesting happening in any of our lives and it’s affecting the chat. I have personally resorted to the shamefully dull ‘How did your supo go yesterday?’.

But never fear! Here are seven ways to make your catch-ups more entertaining. Try these and you’ll make happy quarantine memories to giggle about in the Cindies queue when we are finally back in Cambridge.


1. The classic Netflix Party with a twist!

Make up a shot game tailored to what you’re watching. You can find loads of these online or you can make up your own! I have found these are best done alongside a Zoom call so you can laugh at your group’s resident lightweight.

Shot glass substitutes include egg cups and hot sauce bottle tops.

2. The Costume Game

These are great for the classic FaceTime group picture. Whether its Cambridge lecturers or Disney characters, pick a theme and everyone has to dress up. It’s fun to see what everyone comes up with stuff they have lying around. Warning: there’s always a really niche costume that everyone spends an hour trying to guess.

Guess who won the Disney costume contest?

3. The Virtual Library

If you have truly run out of things to say, why not try a no-talking zone? Knowing your friends are working with you on the other side of the screen can be very motivating. Snack breaks are a lot more fun when it’s not just you and your cat working into the night.

Me getting bored working in a virtual library. I am not the best study buddy.

4. Social Media Truth or Dare

For the optimum effect, this is best done tipsy, but could work sober if you’re brave! Juicy dares could be texting exes or emailing supervisors. Also, something about not being face to face might make your friend finally open up about what happened on ‘that’ club night!

The unfortunate consequence of one drunken zoom call

5. Virtual Background contest

Don’t settle for the boring Golden Gate bridge as your  Zoom background instead get creative and make it a competition. You can use your favourite film clips or video yourself earlier so there are two of you on the screen. There are some great tutorials out there. Another wholesome idea is everyone has to pick their favourite group photo and the reminiscing can keep you going for hours.

Our first failed attempt at making virtual backgrounds…

6. A good old fashioned pub quiz

Sometimes you can’t go wrong with a classic quiz. But to amp it up you should pair it with some homemade pub grub and alcohol. Whether you have an ultimate quiz master, or you take it in turns, this is great fun and can get competitive. An amusing category is ‘How well do you know me?’

It’s more fun when it’s personal and you can finally find out which of your friends knows you best.

7. A virtual Fitzbillies

I am sure I am not alone in missing my weekly trip to Fitzbillies after a particularly stressful supo. So why not have a coffee morning with your friends and try your hand at baking the Chelsea buns? There is a relatively easy recipe to be found online, but I guarantee that one of the group will still manage to screw it up.

The mug selection at weekly Fitzbillies

So, there you have it. The group calls are only getting better from here and might even rival the sacred Cambridge Wednesday pres.