What’s On(Line): Week 4

We’re back this week with plays, talks and more

Hello again! It’s me: the guy who writes about stuff you can do online and has weird cover images. This week, I have collated another five great events/activities for you to enjoy from your own sofa. So, without further to do, let’s begin.

Pay a visit to an online theatre

This week on ADC Online we have “The Man in the Lift”. It tells a tale of the man who has come to repair the lift. But as well as just doing his job, he forms social connections with the inhabitants of the building.

Intrigued? Then be sure to check out this play at 7pm on Friday 15th. For further details, follow the link.

Spectate an Integration Competition

Are you a STEM student lacking academic rigour in your life? Would you like to watch a mathematical competition? Well, in that case, you will find yourself right at home at the Integration Bee hosted by the Archimedeans (Mathmo Society). Watch the competitors demonstrate their sexy integration skills in both semi-finals and finals this week.

Semi Finals will take place on 16th and finals on the 17th. More details are available on the event page.

Night Reflection: Zach Yarrow and friends

As you finish Week 4 and enter Week 5, you may want to find a way to ward off the combined blues of lockdown and this cursed week. In this case, you may opt to join this virtual jazz night hosted by the Trinity Music society. Prepare to be in for an evening of chill tunes.

Event takes place May 20th, 21:15. Be sure to check out the event page.

Listen to Stephen Toope

This talk hosted by the Cambridge Union is of utmost relevance in these times of uncertainty. Join Stephen Toope and Co as they talk about how coronavirus will shape academic rigour for years to come. Jokes aside, I could not recommend this talk enough, as it will shed light on matters that concern every student in Cambridge. So make sure you join in, as many of your burning question should be answered.

Event will be live streamed on Union’s YouTube Channel on 20th May at 7pm.

And finally, let out your inner child with some Disney songs

If you miss bellowing Disney Songs out at the top of your lungs with your friends, I have an event just for you. For the past two Wednesdays, the Pembroke organ scholar has hosted an amazing Disney sing-along, featuring many classics. So, if you are in the mood of a cheeky Disney party, be sure to watch those.

Livestreams available on Pembroke Choir’s Facebook page. Keep an eye on it as further streams are likely to happen.