Review: Monolaughs

An hour of laughs

On an otherwise dull Saturday night, sitting down to watch Monolaughs was just what I needed. The show brought together 13 individual comedy skits. They ranged from an intense ‘Livestream reaction to the Classic FM Hall of Fame Top 300 2020’ to an awkward one-sided ‘first date.’ The personalised drinking game was well received and really brought the performance together along with the delightful co-hosts Matt and Ayush and the assorted hat collection. The retro countdown was also strangely comforting.

Libby Thornton: the new Joe Wicks

Libby Thornton’s ‘MUFF’ video was hysterical despite the Chardonnay and failed stretches being a little too close to home. This sketch would be right at home in Little Britain. Another gem was Ella Parmer’s 3-year-old. While the multiple hair plaits are iconic, her monologue is not just funny but relatable. Everyone knows a ‘Carol’ whether she’s a fellow three-year-old or your supo partner (of course I am not referring to mine).


Ella’s iconic plaits

As a first-year Engling, I laughed at Alex Lindsey’s Shakespeare joke, probably more than I should have. This skit of a frankly dangerous NASA worker is incredibly well-acted, and the Cambridge stash feature was much appreciated. Another standout performance is by Johnathan Neary playing the lethal dancer wannabe. Although you have been warned, dancing features very little in this sketch, and there is a PowerPoint involved.

Definitely not a murderer

Abraham Alsawaf’s Sherlock-style-murderer-reveal containing dad-joke puns, and multiple pairs of sunglasses is also very entertaining. Jasper’s Fred Fiddler and Pieter’s Blenn Breenwald are two very memorable characters who should look into getting a joint comedy show.


This show provides light-hearted fun despite the glooming and depressing atmosphere in the world at the moment. It’s great to see Cambridge drama and comedy going ahead in a time when we all need it most.   Although some of the monologues were better than others, my only real criticism is that we didn’t get to hear Matt and Ayush’s duet. So go give it a watch over on the ADC Theatre youtube channel.



Image Credits: Libby Thornton