Huge virtual May Week event announced as MWA, RAG and May Ball President’s Committee join forces

And it’s raising money for the fight against Coronavirus

On 28th June, MWA, Cambridge RAG, and The May Ball President’s Committee (MBPC) will team up to bring us ‘The May Week Mega Event’ – a live-streamed celebration of the end of exams and virtual farewell to academic rigour. Don’t mourn the loss of Easter Term just yet, as these student-led initiatives are set to bring the joys of May Week straight to your computer screen.

Most importantly, the event will use student donations to fundraise for important causes, battling against COVID-19.

Here’s what we know so far:

Big May Ball acts are going to perform

The May Balls President’s Committee made the announcement that May Balls would be cancelled or postponed on 19th March, but now they’re putting their months of auditioning to good use, sourcing acts for the livestream who were supposed to perform at this year’s May Balls!  MBPC President, Charlotte Milbank, is “excited” about her committee’s role and says, “With the support of all the Balls and June Events behind this, we’re working on a fantastic line-up and it promises to be a great show!”


Announcement of the cancellation of May Balls (Image Credit: Author’s own screenshot)

Students can also get involved in performances

Content for the stream will also be crowdsourced from individuals and university societies. A ‘5 Minutes of Fame’ feature will allow students to submit videos showcasing their talents and creativity. There’ll also be a ‘Uni Tunes’ competition searching for the best Cambridge-related parody or original song. Societies are also encouraged to feature in the live stream and can do so by visiting the ‘Get Involved’ section on the event’s website.

Money will be raised for charities fighting against Coronavirus

The event is co-hosted by two charitable student-run committees, MWA and Cambridge RAG, who will put aside their individual causes and direct donations to charities involved in the fight against COVID-19. On the day of the livestream, The Big MAC Campaign will run a ‘text-to-donate’ appeal in aid of the Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust and the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, who are both dedicated to the prevention of future pandemics.

Donations from this event will only add to the huge amounts of money these committees have raised for charitable causes over time. MWA raised over £100,ooo for Anti Malaria Foundation this year, and Cambridge RAG has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for it’s chosen charities through loved and renowned events such as RAG Blind Date and Jailbreak.

Last Year’s MWA Summer Party (Photo Credit: May Week Alternative)

The Mega Event’s fundraising partner, The Big Mac appeal, recently raised £22,000 for charities tackling the virus by asking May Ball ticket holders to donate a portion of their refunds.

The three coordinators have collaborated on an event that is set to end the academic year on a wholesome and charitable note, which, given the current situation, is a breath of much needed fresh air. More details, such as an announcement of performers, will be released on the event website.

Mega Events President, George Rosenfield, summarises the launch of this event as a reinforcement of community and connection, saying:

 “May Week is always a highlight of the Cambridge calendar, and it’s wonderful that these organisations have agreed to team up to create a special moment at the end of a tough term. All of our separate May Week events may be cancelled this year, but that presents a unique opportunity to bring the whole Cambridge community together as one.”

The event website can be found here.

Cover Image Credit: Emmanuel Angelidakis