Former Cambridge student organises relay around the globe for ‘Doctors Without Borders’

Here’s how you can take part…

On Monday (4th of May), a former Medwards student, Lucy Metcalf, set up ‘Cross Continents for Covid-19’, an international campaign in aid of Médecins Sans Frontierès (Doctors Without Borders). Her goal is to have volunteers complete a whopping 48-hour relay across 6 continents – as one person finishes their run, another will start, from wherever they are in the world.

The event will begin on 12th May. Volunteers will complete a 30-minute run or walk using exercise tracking apps to record their distance and times. Relay slots will be assigned based on the time zone of the volunteer, filling a 48 hour period with no gaps. Photos and videos of those taking part can be submitted and will be shared on the campaign’s Instagram page to celebrate this international effort. (We love to see another opportunity for sweaty running photos).

Donations can be made through the JustGiving Page and all proceeds will go to MSF, who are deploying medics in over 70 countries and sending medical supplies around the globe to tackle Covid-19.

If you once considered yourself champion of your primary school Sports Day, you can swap out that plastic baton for global sporting acclaim by signing up for a slot! Volunteers can either fill in a grid on the public Google Doc or email [email protected].

Photo Credit: Author’s own screenshot

Lucy was inspired to create her event when she was forced home after months of travelling at the end of  March.  Alongside an old friend, Jennifer Kibazo, she decided to set up a charitable initiative that could also involve all the new friends she made whilst abroad.

She tells The Cambridge Tab: “I suddenly found myself with an abundance of free time and for once no exams or work to fill it with! I’ve been so inspired by all the amazing fundraising efforts across the country to raise money for the NHS and other brilliant causes and wanted to get involved with something that could be more international.”

“I’ve also been trying to get back into running and improve my fitness and have also seen so many people embracing their daily outdoor exercise allowance too. I thought I could maybe link the two concepts and came up with the idea of a global relay.”

Lucy encourages Cambridge students to take part in this race around the globe: “We’re still looking for willing volunteers at home and abroad to help us cover some more of the time slots!”

At a time when it may feel like we’ll never see the world beyond our own houses and cities again, and in particular for Cambridge students who may be missing the second place they call home, we think this event is a lovely way to feel connected to people in different cities across the world and in the UK, by taking part and donating to a truly fantastic cause.”

Cover Image Credit: Lucy Metcalf