Cambridge ACS committee TikTok goes viral with 135k views

Their Twitter post has over 8000 likes

On 5th May, the Cambridge University African Caribbean Society (ACS) released a TikTok introducing their new committee members which has now gone viral on Twitter, viewed by over 135,000 people, with over 8000 likes and over 2000 reposts.

In the TikTok, the various committee members emulate a series of iconic memes. It has also been featured in a recent BuzzFeed article.

Voké Ogueh, the ACS Publicity Officer, told The Tab Cambridge: “Due to our current circumstances we never got the chance to properly introduce ourselves as the new committee in person, so we decided to do it online”. They were inspired by the video produced on TikTok by @goldieagain, which received over 600,000 views and more than 235,000 likes.

“We thought that posting a TikTok like this would be the perfect way to introduce ourselves and our roles whilst putting a fun spin on it,” Voké explained.

“Everyone chose their own meme to recreate, I personally chose mine because I knew I could make a convincing costume and I just find it really funny. Everyone went away, made their sections and sent them back to me. I then synced them to the song and posted it up with all of our other meet the committee stuff.”

The Tab also spoke to the ACS Access Officer, Zute Ogbedeh, a first year Medic, who said: “As part of my role as access officer, this comes in the form of showing others that Cambridge isn’t just about books and study but we have fun as well!”

“I chose my meme because I thought I could pull off the expression and I look fairly similar to Kevin Hart.

“I’m so happy that the reception was so positive and I hope this shows prospective students they have a space for them in Cambridge.”

Featured image credit: @cambridgeacs