Ranked: The most overplayed songs at Cindies

It’s the same every week, but we’ll keep going back for more

Rumboogie… the bread and butter of every Cambridge student’s nightlife, and something we’re all heavily deprived of right now. Completely overpriced, with the longest queue and filthiest toilets I’ve ever seen in my life, Cindies has captured the hearts of generations of freshers by somehow using the exact same playlist every year. Even though most of us are never quite in a fit state to remember the music in the morning, I think we can all agree that there are some “Cindies classics” we love/hate to hear (even if only for 10 seconds at a time). 

7 – Timber – Kesha

Often remixed with “Old Town Road” and the mish mash of sounds is… truly something. Nevertheless, it’s a classic and the only Kesha song they’ll actually play despite my begging the DJ every hour without fail. 

Fixed it

6 – Bonkers – Dizzee Rascal 

They never actually get to the chorus on this one, not sure if that’s because of the infamous “lack of a music license” (does anyone know if this is actually true???) or just because the DJ likes teasing us. 

5 – What Makes you Beautiful – One Direction

Nobody at this university wants to grow up and it really shows in the music taste.  

4 – Breaking Free – High School Musical 

The night just wouldn’t be complete without some High School Musical to really capture the spirit of the Year 6 leaver’s disco that they go for in Cindies. 

We really queue for 2 hours for this

3 – Love Story- Taylor Swift

A nostalgic throwback that everyone knows the words to – truly the ideal Cindies song. Getting with someone while this is playing is the most romantic feeling on Earth (probably). 

2 – Circle of Life – Lion King

The first time I heard this one I was convinced it was some sort of collective hallucination because the song lasted around 3 seconds before it disappeared. Truly a unique Cindies banger and something that your home friends will find highly questionable if they ever decide to visit.

1 – Mr Brightside – The Killers

Coming in at number one, it has to be the classic anthem which gets played at LEAST 4 times per night, and each time you’ll forget that it had already come on. Being showered in blue VK tinged saliva as everyone screams the words (or at least pretends to know them)….truly a magical experience.

Only Mr Brightside could produce this level of synchrony in the chaos (Image credit: Mark Nightingale)

Love it or hate it, the music at Cindies is undeniably unique and I’ll see you all at Last Chance Cindies when things are finally back to normal.

All photo credits to writer unless otherwise specified.