Cambridge students’ culinary creations that will make your mouth water

If Cambridge Master Chef were to ever grace our screens, these Cambridge students would be worthy contestants.

Being deprived of our gorgeous Cambridge college gyps (which are a lovable shoe-sized milieu of wholesome – or in my case, frantic – energy at Robinson) might have discouraged many of us from braving the stove at our family’s house, lest we were to burn down.

But not for these inspiring women (regrettably, no dreamy-in-the-kitchen boys sent me pictures of their creations)!

These Cambridge students have managed – for some with more ease than others – to whip up dishes worthy of Master Chef. If that isn’t procrastination at its full glory, I don’t know what is.

1) BURNT (on purpose) BANANA BREAD

Photo credit: Genevieve Holl-Allen

Genevieve promises that the “burnt” detail is an essential part of the recipe, but if you attempt this, please operate with caution. It would be best if you didn’t actually burn your house down.

However, despite the mouth-watering image that suggests a baking break of patience and ease, Genevieve told the Tab, “It took double the time to bake than it said and I had to keep pausing a really gripping film to keep checking on it.”

On second thought, you might not want to make that sacrifice. Films are best enjoyed unpaused.

2) HOMEMADE GNOCCHI (as we might not be able to leave our countries – or towns – this summer, why not bring Italy to you?)

Photo credit: Marina Mateo

Marina Mateo apologised for the “weird shapes” because apparently, gnocchis are supposed to be something other than unstructured blobs, which suggests that her cooking skills are most definitely superior to the rest of us hopeless admirers.

Marina confides that she got tired of shaping them halfway through, but covered it with cheesy sauce to disguise the gnocchi irregularities.



Photo credit: Andrea Kocsis

Many of us have been deterred from trying this TikTok trend, from fear of snapping our measly arms in half. This recipe requires 20 whole minutes of whipping!

Fear not, for Andrea Kocsis has the perfect solution.
She used an electric whisk, so the gooey coffee “peaks” were ready in 5 minutes. But even this fancy technology doesn’t come without risks. Andrea told the Tab, “Unfortunately, I managed to cover the whole kitchen in a sticky sugar paste.” Quite messy, indeed. But was it worth it?

She considered it more like a dessert rather than a drink, which has prompted her to recommend reducing the amount of sugar in order to get a bit more of that bitter coffee taste. Andrea also suggests aiming for a simple espresso if the taste of coffee is your drug of choice.

4) Last but not least, the cherries on top of this gorgeous foodporn collection 

Sinthu Devkumar somehow morphed into Jamie Oliver overnight, and dare I say, she even surpassed him.
Spinach gnocchi, apple cinnamon cake, HAND PULLED noodles, and finally, pistachio and raspberry cinnamon rolls are to follow in insta-worthy pictures.


Photo credit: Sinthu Devkumar

I am now even more discouraged from attempting to brave the kitchen.  I hope that you enjoyed the stomach growls induced by viewing these stunning masterpieces.