What’s on(line) in Cambridge: Week one

Give Neflix a break for a bit and check out what’s on

As we’re all stuck inside for the near future, we can’t just go out for entertainment. So the Culture Team are bringing the customary ‘What’s on’ column with a new twist – everything here can be done online!

1. Missing the ADC?

Alas, Poor Yoric! He did not social distance. (Yes, I know that’s a different play) {Credit:Pixabay}

If you’re missing the ADC, there is a brand-new performance every week by the National Theatre. Today it’s Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, and it’s also completely free. So if you think that music is the food of love, tune in!

Twelfth Night will run on the National Theatre website between 23rd-30th April at 7pm each night.

Alternatively, enjoy some social distance ‘improv’ with the online ADC Impronauts show. ‘Improv’ comedy based on your suggestions in the comments is bound to be a blast. Tickets are also free.

Impronauts: Clickfire will run at 7pm on 27th of April, 11th of May and 15th of June. Book tickets(free) in order to receive a reminder from ADC website.

2. Or take an online tour of your favourite museum

Enjoying the art. (Credit: Pixabay)

Many museums are now offering online tours. So instead of slogging round tons of different corridors and confusing layouts you can browse the masterpieces and artefacts from the comfort of your couch.

This weeks picks are:

Van Gogh Museum:

Study the works of one of the most famous impressionists of all time. Just click the street view icon to begin the tour.

Fitzwilliam Museum:

If the previous suggestion leaves your thirsting for more Dutch art, our Cambridge favourite Fitzwilliam Museum has an online exbition exploring the art of Van Dyck.

British Museum

The British Museum opted for a more interesting approach by creating a timeline featuring their most fascinating pieces. The interface allows you to travel through time and space and cherry-pick what interests you.

Virtual Journey Through Time (Screenshot from website)

Take a trip through history

Exhibitions are available any time online via the given links.

3. Keep your fitness up with a free exercise app.

With everyone housebound, many home workout apps have begun to offer free subscriptions for a limited time. One of these is Down Dog, which offers students a no-cost subscription until May 1st , followed by the option of a paid subscription. If you want to get into Yoga, there’s not been a better opportunity.

Free until May 1st

4. Discover your inner artist with Homerton College CathART

For those of you looking for an art fix, Homerton College has hosted an online gallery full of student submissions. The main purpose of this exhibit is to highlight university-wide and country-wide gender issues . It features some fantastic student art.

Walk around the virtual gallery linked on the following facebook page

5. Be the judge in Cambrovision

Many of us are sad at the fact that the glorious Eurovision shall not be occurring this year. However, the Cambridge students decided otherwise. The host of the event decided as all the songs are out, it would make sense to vote on them with each college acting as a voting country. For more details, visit the Facebook event.

Every day a link to a different contestant is posted, with voting taking place 12-16th May.

6. Demonstrate your knowledge in a pub quiz

A bit early for a pint, so I am quizzing with a brew.

Could you be the next Grandmaster Wang? Get a team together for this quiz to find out. Organised by Student Minds Cambridge, it is a great opportunity to chill with friends or meet some new people. Hosts offer to put you with random quizzers if you are feeling adventurous. (NB! You have to register before the quiz begins by following the link on Facebook event (linked below))

The event will take place on Saturday 25th at 7pm via a Facebook live stream. For all the details, visit the event page.


All images are the author’s own unless other credit is given.