Cambridge admissions: University issues COVID-19 advice for offer holders

The university has published advice for UK, EU and International offer holders after the cancellation of A-Levels due to COVID-19

On Wednesday 18th March, it was announced that all schools would close starting from today (Friday 19th), and that GCSE and A-Level exams would not go ahead.

The University of Cambridge has today published advice for offer holders relating to the disruption caused by the virus, having “recognised that its impact may create uncertainty”.

UK offer holders are informed that the university is “awaiting further advice from the Department for Education”, and consulting with UCAS and other relevant bodies, in order to minimise the effect of the pandemic on admissions.

The University tells EU and Overseas offer holders to check English Language test centres such as IELTS and TOEFL for updates, and acknowledges they may have already experienced “severe disruption to teaching and […] examinations”.

All students are advised to keep a log of any disruption (self-isolation, teacher absences, dates of school closures and any alternative provisions made), to be sent to the university later in the summer. They are also told to keep an eye on Public Health England guidance, or information from the respective health authorities in their home countries.

Free online study resources are available to all offer holders and can be found through the page.

Students are advised to keep looking at the advice page rather than contacting colleges or admissions directly, as the university is receiving a very high volume of enquiries.

All events and open days until 20 April 2020 have been cancelled.

Cover image credit: Huangcjz