What your Nectar Offers say about you

Haunted by that one time you made chilli con carne? Want to be reminded of your pre-week-5 self?

The Sainsbury’s Nectar app is great – you get good offers and extra points on the groceries you buy the most of. It doesn’t come without a cost, though; uncomfortable truths about what you have and haven’t been eating. When it comes to Nectar points, there’s nowhere to hide. Nectar knows. Always. 

Your nectar offers say a lot about your culinary habits, which says a lot about who you are. Check out this handy guide to what your nectar offers say about you – it’s like tarot cards, but for the 21st century

We’ll start, like 2020, with focusing on fruit and veg.

The most basic and best of the peppers, the good ol’ red pepper. What a classic. Can be used for pasta sauces, curries, ratatouille, you name it. Adaptable, versatile and at ease in many different situations. You’re a reliable friend who is always there for others.

Forever tainted by tragedy (There was room for two people on that door, Rose!), the Iceberg lettuce is a salad staple and a sad reminder of that time you promised yourself you’d start being healthy. The Iceberg may have defeated the Titanic, but it was no match for week 5 blues. Don’t give up on things after falling off the wagon once or twice – if you really want something, it will take persistence and hard work.

Easy peelers are popular amongst the popular. If easy peelers are on your list, chances are you’re part of a popular society. Probably a thesp. Thesps love easy peelers. Nobody knows why. You have lots of friends, but can forget to take time alone to recharge.

The sweet potato. You like to think you’re quirky, unique and cool. Like a regular potato, but just that little bit edgier. You don’t like the idea of being normal, and prefer to be the star of your own show.

Moving on to the wonderful world of carbohydrates:

Almost as basic as plain sliced bread, potatoes are more reliable and versatile. Able to serve as carbohydrate or vegetable, they can be mashed, boiled, roasted, fried, grated. Never quite the star of the show, but always a reliable supporting character or co-star. You’re slightly jealous over not having the limelight, but are having fun nonetheless.

Brown bread. You’re trying to be healthy, but haven’t quite committed to seeded bread or the more interesting carbs the bakery section has to offer. Always trying to straddle the fence and get the best of both worlds, it’s time you finally picked a side.

The good old crumpet is a reminder of times gone by. You like retro and vintage clothing, and almost permanently feel nostalgic, but you’re not sure what for.

Time for what’s left on the list!

You’re not posh enough to even think about making your own houmous, but you still want that extra kick. You don’t like things to be plain or boring, love drama, and are always up for an adventure. You get bored fairly easily.

As a cookie enthusiast, you care about your own happiness. As a double chocolate cookie enthusiast, you aren’t afraid to indulge yourself every now and then, and know how to self-motivate for an essay. You know how you work best and (for the most part) are in control.

Warning sign of a previous and/or imminent meltdown. You either gorge on these by yourself, or get together with a friend or two for a crying session and some snacks. You are a disaster unicorn.


Now get on down to Mainsbury’s and check what’s on your list!

All photo credits to the author.