Gossip Column: Coronavirus cancellations, Catz makeover and TLC at Johns

Week 8 News Column

King’s Bunker cancellation

In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, the event was cancelled on Thursday evening. On a more positive note, there is no more asbestos in King’s bar. It’s a little concerning that there WAS, but this is very good news nonetheless.

Geography trips cancelled because of Coronavirus worries

The trip destinations would have included Tenerife, Berlin and Mallorca. It could be that a trip in the UK is organised instead.

Trouble at Jesus

It’s been a tough week for Jesus. People got trapped inside a lecture theatre when the doors wouldn’t open. Controversy arose when portraits of women were taken back down and replaced with men. If that wasn’t enough, the ballot system crashed during the balloting process, leaving those in charge with the task of writing everything out by hand. Perhaps the Easter holidays are much needed.

Catz goes in for a glamorous makeover

There will be a new garden area in Main Court and hall, so it is said, will no longer be coffin shaped.

Debate over whether Girton Spring Ball will be cancelled

Girton Spring Ball will still be going ahead tomorrow. This decision was taken following negotiations earlier this evening

John’s is giving its students lots of TLC

Aroma-therapy is coming. Also, the LGBT officer is planning a welfare event with the chaplain.

Homerton hustings

Hustings at Homerton have left the student body divided over whether or not they support the Homerton Union of Students (HUS). At present, the position of President is sabbatical.