Mainsbury’s runs out of hand sanitiser and toilet paper due to coronavirus panic buying

Maybe we’ll have to shop at the big Sainsbury’s

Mainsbury’s staff have noticed panic-buying amidst coronavirus fears, leading to shortages of hand sanitisers, hand-wash, toilet paper, bleach and antibacterial sprays.

One staff member told The Cambridge Tab: “All the hand sanitiser is completely gone, just out of everywhere, out of stock.” He added: “Our installation of toilet paper is basically cleared out currently” and “all the kitchen sprays and bathroom sprays have been going a lot as well”.

A Girton student shopping at Mainsbury’s said: “I feel like it’s not people panic buying, it’s just people being like woops should’ve brought this before and should’ve owned it”. Another remarked “can people just chill out please”.

Yesterday, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the U.K reached 164, with 20,338 people tested.

On Thursday, Vice-Chancellor Stephen Troope, issued an official statement to all students. Referring to cases within the University, he said “the likelihood remains high that the first instances of infection will be reported soon”. He also revealed: “Contingency plans are already being made for events occurring next Term, including examinations, and we will communicate these as speedily as possible.”

The University has provided an information webpage regarding the coronavirus outbreak.