Winter Love Island’s winner Finley Tapp is coming to Cambridge!

If mind-numbing reality TV or meet and greets with D-List celebs are your thing, come revel in Finn’s 15 minutes of fame on the 13th of March at Lola Lo!


In true Love Island fashion, Winter Love Island winner Finley Tapp is embarking on a long pilgrimage of Private Appearances across the country, stopping off at Cambridge’s own Lola Lo! 

Finn is set to host Lola’s Takeover Friday event on the 13th of March, gracing the city of Cambridge with his godly presence. 

One can only image Finn is chomping at the bit to experience the authentic Cambridge nightout- let’s hope he likes cheesy tunes and VKs! 

Lola’s has advertised that ‘If FINLEY is 100% your ‘TAPP’ on paper then get ready as he is heading to Lola Lo for a meet and greet on [the] 13th [of] March!’. If the night is as good as its promotional pun, this seems like an event you’d regret to miss!

General Admission tickets are set at £6 each (for the broke bitches such as myself), but for the big spenders, there are £25 bottomless prosecco tickets up for grabs. Any chance Finn could slide us some of his £25k Love Island winnings for this VIP experience?

To shamelessly misappropriate Love Island lingo that should only be seen on shameful Primark slogan tees, if your head has been turned by this event, you better ‘crack on’ and pull your mates for a chat, before all tickets are gone and you’ve been mugged off. 

Header credit: ITV