Top 100 BNOCS of 2020 revealed

Vote now for your top 10!

bnoc 2020

The nominations are in, and the 100 Biggest Names on Campus are here.  From Union hacks to lax girls, socialists to mathmos, we have trawled through 14,000 nominations to reveal who are the Cambridge BNOCs 2020.

BNOC list has been off to a great start, with a feature on Camfess and multiple insta-story promotions from people perhaps a bit too desperate to get themselves nominated…

To see who has a chance of getting into the top 10, check out last year’s here.  

The nominees are listed below in alphabetical order – get voting for the people you’ve seen chatting shit in cindies, tearing it up at Varsity or endlessly promoting on Facebook.

The Biggest Names poll will close on 6th March at 9pm.