BNOC list 2020 nominations have opened

Who do you think is a big name on campus?

We all know those people. The people you go to lectures with, or to Sainsbury's, and you can't walk 2 metres with them without having to stand awkwardly next to them while they chat to someone who you don't know. You have no clue who they are, but your BNOC mate manages to sustain a 10 minute conversation with them.

BNOCs (Big Names on Campus) are the people who get the most reacts on Ticketbridge, are involved in everything and president of a million societies. Or they just chat to literally everyone in the Cindies smoking area every Wednesday.


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BNOC nominations can no longer include CUSU sabbs (sorry EPH – you didn't make top 10 last year and you def won't this year xo) or Tab team members (cry). Only actual Cambridge students can be nominated – no alumni, fictional characters or fellows. Sorry.

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Last years winners – who will remain a BNOC and who fill fall into obscurity?

If you're looking for campaign inspo, last year's top 10 can be found here.

The BNOC list nominations for 2020 have therefore opened! Nominations close on Sunday 23rd at 9pm so make sure you get your nomination in ASAP. The top 100 names will then be whittled down to a top 10 in a second round of voting.

Happy nominating!

Image credit for Cambridge crest in cover: Wikipedia Commons – Robert Cooke / Public domain