Publish your poetry: Introducing poems of the week

Calling all Cambridge Poets!

This is for those students who write poetry in their spare time and want to share their work. It is also for those students, such as myself, who are interested in the poetry of other students and want to be able to easily access it. The aim is to feature a poem a week, with a discussion between journalist and poet accompanying the featured poem.

As we are all aware, life at Cambridge hardly grants students an abundance of time. We would be hard-pressed to find hours everyday to read and watch things for leisure. However, perhaps a student-written poem every week might add something to our busy terms.

For student poets, this is a good opportunity not just to enable others to enjoy your work, but to impart a comment on it; to explain the process and the thinking behind it – or even just to let people know how the poem makes you feel.

We have only just started this feature and hope to see it grow over the course of the term – perhaps weekly themes will make an appearance. For now, however, if this interests you and you have any poetry you want to share, feel free to email us on [email protected]

Photo Credit: Joe Barnes