Cambridge RAG’s jailbreak 2020 – LIVEBLOG!

Keep track of the teams’ progress as they try to get as far away from Cam as possible

Need some procrastinatory respite from work this weekend? Get invested in the RAG jailbreak teams as they flee Cambridge and try to get as far away as possible! Teams in previous years have made it as far as to Rio, Singapore and New York. Follow this Liveblog to see where they end up this year and the obstacles they encounter along the way…

Seven pairs left at 9AM this morning from Parker's Piece. Some have already made it to London airports.


Team 1 – Oscar Bray (Jesus) & Mark Leyden (Jesus)

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Team 2 – ?

There is no Team 2 since they dropped out last minute!

Team 3 – Tiffany Lee (Girton) & Henry Aldridge (Magdalene)

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Team 4 – Arthur Seymour (Clare) & Adam Oussena (Clare)

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Team 5 – Trudy Yates (Peterhouse) & Josh Kimblin (Christ’s)

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Team 6 – Adam Wills (Pembroke) & Nathan Jeffs (Pembrokes)

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Team 7 – Chris Donnerhay (Queen’s) & Harold Potvliege (Hughes Hall)

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Team 8 – Adam Wolowczyk (Homerton) & Mark Englander (Homerton)

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11:47 – Team 7 made it to Stansted Airport.

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11:59 – Team 4 outside Cambridge station – where will they head to?

14:26 – This is the very generous dude who gave Team 7 a lift to Stansted!

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12:57 – Team 5 made it to Gatwick!

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14:30 – And team 5 are off to… MILAN!

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15:47 – Team 4 got a free ride on the Heathrow Express!

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16:22 – Team 5 just landed in Milan, first to land on another country!

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17:02 – Team 8 played the piano to raise money at St Pancras International!

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18:05 – Team 2 are also heading to Milan!

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18:09 – Team 6 are heading to Sofia!

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Day 2 – Sunday

9:37 – Team 6 are on their way to Jerusalem

11:06 – Team 6 have arrived in Jerusalem!

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Stay tuned for more updates!