Jazz picks to start the 20s in the most roaring way

All the best jazzy tracks in one place

And so the world has once again entered the roaring '20s. Whilst it's unlikely that the Charleston will return to the mainstream, jazzy music will always remain relevant. So, what could be a better way to start the decade than remembering the songs that jazzed-up the world over the last century? Whether you're a jazz fan, looking to get into the genre, or just fancy some chill study music, here are some picks to start your 2020's with.

Duke Ellington – Caravan

Cinema buffs amongst you may be familiar with this one from Whiplash. Containing everything one expects from a great track, it's sure to please fans of any genre. You may have even heard it multiple times before and not realised it.

Charlie Parker – Yarbird Suite

Next up we have one of the most legendary names in the jazz genre. While not known widely outside of jazz circles, this man deserves recognition for his amazing sax-skills, which are perhaps best demonstrated by this track. It's rather laid-back – yet, at the same time, it manages to engage the listener. Also, unlike many other jazz tracks, it's very short. This certainly makes it an easy addition to any study/chill playlist.

Dave Brubeck – Take Five

This song is a great track to start off your morning. Both upbeat but chilled-out at the same time, it will offer a nice finish to any weekend lie-in as you leave your bed to get that long-awaited brunch. The smooth sax solos also make the song fantastic for an evening in.

Art Blakey – The Drum Thunder Suite

The first thought that comes to mind during the song is God – that drummer! Art Blakey leaves nothing off the table during his performance. If you are a fan of impressive drumming, make sure to give The Drum Thunder Suite a listen.

John Coltrane – Giant Steps

And continuing onto faster-paced tracks, we have Giant Steps. With the tenor saxophone providing a mellow melody, supported by the piano and rhythmic drums, this song serves as an excellent soundtrack to a laid-back study or reading session.

Kind of Blue – Miles Davis

In order to break the pattern of songs, this recommendation is an album. Why did I not just feature a standout song in the album? Well, I simply couldn't choose. This whole album is a jazz masterpiece and will definitely become a favourite of anyone predisposed to jazz. Whether you're a jazz fan or not, this album should certainly be on your radar, especially because of its legendary status.

Anything – Scott Bradley’s Postmodern Jukebox

This is a perfect fit for those among you who can never part with the modern music in their playlists. Scott Bradley and his band make jazzy style covers of many popular songs. I can guarantee that you will find a classy cover of one of your favourite tracks in their repertoire. Trust me, you'll not be disappointed.

Image source: Pixabay