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How to manage your mid-Cambridge crisis

Don’t fret

Second year is scary, I think we can all agree. It is filled with things disguised as celebrations, which actually just serve to remind us of the fleeting nature of time.

Just maybe, though, keeping yourself aware of the fact that you’re half-way through your Cambridge degree could be a positive. Not if you have an existential crisis every morning in the shower, but in a more healthy way. It could be a way to embrace Cambridge in all its glory because there is a time limit that is, tragically, not going away.

So, here are some ideas of ways to embrace that fleeting nature of time and get over your mid-Cambridge crisis.

Get a new hobby. It helps if you start it with a non-flakey friend so that you’re both rooting for each other. Switch it up – your second year needs to feel like it’s not just a continuation of first year (but worse because you’re getting old and because of that fleeting nature of time).

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Or just invent a new drinking game.

Want to feel grown up? Become a masterchef. Find a generous culinary wizard that will let you watch and learn, and build up a little repertoire of meals you can always have ready to treat yourself with. You’re a second year, you don’t have to eat food you don’t want to eat, on a tray, at a prescribed time anymore. That’s cool – milk it.

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One such culinary wizard.

Learn to say no to events. This is so important. Going to every event available in a week and contracting flu is what freshers’ week is for. That’s the old you. The new you can say, no, I think what I’d like to do most this evening is be in my bed with a cup of tea, without worrying that your friends will desert you for more ‘fun’ people.

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Frequenting a duvet burrito is a hobby in its own right.

To accompany your cup of tea, find yourself a new box set to nestle into. I would very much recommend The Good Place for some quality entertainment. Take it or leave it.

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Whatever floats your boat.

Make new friends. This will come naturally by following advice #1, but it definitely does wonders for making second year feel even better than first.

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The college cat will do.

Every half empty cup is, wow, also half full. You know all your friends well enough to open up your weirdness to them! You can navigate the city on a bike and not be a liability to the whole street! Very importantly, you know which club nights are worth your time, and which ones really aren’t! You are now the wise elder in college, who can give advice to freshers and feel knowledgeable and mature.

Embrace this golden nugget of a year and save your existentialism for the third round.