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How to do May Ball makeup

Be the belle of the ball with these stunning makeup looks

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May Ball season is your time to shine. Take inspiration from these six gorgeous and wearable looks and read on to learn how to recreate them and slay party season this year!

1. Blue ambition

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Olivia: feeling blue

Start with a neutral base all over the eyelid, then pack on blue eyeshadow up to the brows. Create shadow and definition by blending dark blue eyeshadow into the crease and towards the outer corner. Finish the look with electric blue mascara and glossy lips.

2. Golden girl

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Grace: golden girl

For maximum colour intensity, mix gold pigment with setting spray and apply to the eyes with a flat brush, pulling the colour upwards at the outer corners to elongate the eyes. Brush gold flecks through the brows with a spoolie and finish was a neutral pink lip.

3. Berry beautiful

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Tiffany: berry beautiful

Create a soft gold eye by blending cream eyeshadow over the eyelid, deepening the crease with a soft brown. For the lip, mix shades of purple and dark red and apply with a brush for precision. Soften the edges of the lip with a fluffy brush.

4. Lady in red

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Milly: lady in red

Create a smoky eye with a brown khol pencil, blending to soften the edges. Line the eyes and apply lots of mascara. Use two shades of red lipstick to create an ombre lip, placing the darker red at the outer corners of the lips and a more scarlet tone in the centre.

5. Purple reign

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Duvessa: purple reign

Create custom tones of purple by mixing pinks with violet and deeper purples. Apply gems in shades of pink, purple and white to the inner and outer corners to create a highlight effect. Pair this look with a complimentary pink lip.

6. Sunset gaze

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Naomi: sunset gaze

After applying a neutral base, place purply shadow at the inner and outer portions of the eyes. Apply a bright orange shadow to the centre of the eye, diffusing it with a yellow shade. Draw a line with gold eyeliner through the crease. Keep the rest of the face fairly stripped back for a striking look.

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Blue ambition

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Ready to party

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The perks of being a wallflower

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Ring of fire

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You should see me in a crown

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Two faced

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My eyes are up here

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Models: Olivia Dean, Grace England, Tiffany Charnley, Milly Parry, Duvessa Bandeen, Naomi Oldham

Photography: Phoebe Pickering