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Six smouldering summer makeup looks to make your holiday Instas POP

All the hottest makeup trends fresh from the catwalk

Spring is in the air, and with summer approaching fast, there's no better time to master the season's key looks, photographed by Becca Nichols.

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Anastasia: azure waves

1. Nothing says summer quite like blue eyeshadow! Start with a neutral base to correct discoloration and pack on blue eyeshadow to build desired colour intensity. Blend blend blend to get rid of any harsh edges!

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Ludo: green-eyed monster

2. Go big or go home with this look! Gems and sequins should be blended with complementary coloured eyeshadow. Aim for approximate symmetry but the effectiveness of this look is rooted in bright colours and bold placement!

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Bella: disco inferno

3. A bit punky, a bit playful, this look unites three summer shades to make a statement. Top up a berry lip with clear gloss, blend a hot pink eyeshadow up to the brows with a fluffy brush and finish the look with electric blue mascara.

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Alex: cat eye, but make it fashion

4. A new twist on a classic look! Draw a horizontal v shape at the edges of the eyes in black khol/gel pencil. Work with your face and eye shape in terms of placement and you'll be elongating and enlarging your eyes!

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Ellie: queen of pink (and orange)

5. A soft, romantic take on Alice in Wonderland's Queen of Hearts! Mix peach and deeper pink blusher and apply in upwards motions to the cheeks and onto the forehead. Bring orange eyeshadow through the brows and blend into the pink. This look is especially good for bringing out the colours of blue or green eyes!

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Khadija: vintage princess

6. A vintage look reimagined for the summer 2019. Pair smudgy scarlet lips with foiled gold eyes (mix gold pigment with setting spray for maximum impact and staying power) and lashings of black mascara.

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Daisy Chain

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What are you looking at?

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Girls day out

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Too glam to give a damn

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Summertime Madness

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Photography: Becca Nichols

Models: Anastasia Kolomiets, Ludo Amory, Alex Spencer, Khadija Tahir, Bella Biddle, Ellie Dunstone

With thanks to Cambridge University Botanic Gardens for allowing The Tab to conduct this photoshoot