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Coming up in Cam Theatre this term

Featuring EXCLUSIVE info from the directors themselves…

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In the face of impending doom, misery and manic cramming, I've taken it upon myself to reassure you that THE END IS NOT NIGH.

This exam term, an array of superhumans have taken it upon themselves to deliver what can only be described as a fabulous collection of shows.

Whether it's comedy, musicals, operas, or the serious stuff that really gets you going (or, *gasp* if you've never encountered the theatre scene before), there's something for you.

Here's a lil guide and some *cheeky* exclusive words from the directors themselves…

Week 1:

– Saint Joan (ADC Theatre, 7:45)

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'the stakes aren't just high, they're hot'

– Every Brilliant Thing (One woman sketch show at The Maypole)

' If you want something a bit different… we're putting on the first play ever staged at the maypole! Every night seven characters are drawn from the audience – each performance unique and special to those in the room.'

– Slush (Corpus Playroom, 9:30pm)

'That sketch show you imagined in your head while your mince defrosted in the microwave.'

– Magnum (ADC Theatre, 11pm)

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'An insight to the life of your average virgin sex-fiend'

– The Marriage of Figaro (Fitzwilliam College Auditorium, Friday 3rd May 7:30pm, Saturday 4th 2:30pm)

"With some of the most beautiful music Mozart ever wrote and a hilariously disfunctional wedding day you're sure to be entertained."

Week 2:

– The Revlon Girl (ADC Theatre, 7:45pm)

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'the powerful story of five women having to carry on after enduring the unspeakable. The response to the original production was overwhelming, and I'm delighted we get to share this story with even more people.'

– Two Man Show (ADC Theatre, 11pm)

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'It's about masculinity and gender and language and also electric guitars and aliens and it has naked women lol which will probably be a first for the ADC stage'

– Techno Electra (Corpus Playroom, 7pm)

'Brand new techno and infectious slam poetry breathe new life into Electra: the classic story of a pre-Jeremy Kyle family feud. Come and be part of something legendary.'

Week 3:

– The Plague (Corpus Playroom, 7pm)

'Our ambitious set and original music make Camus’ exploration of humanity in crisis a must-see, including a welcome twist of exam term optimism.'

– Party Trick! (Corpus Playroom, 9:30pm)

'like a night out without the hangover'

Pindos: an adventure in modern Russia (ADC Theatre, 14th May, 11pm)

'The story of an ex-footlight who somehow got famous in Russia'

Week 4:

– In The Next Room (or The Vibrator Play) (ADC Theatre, 7:45 pm)

'Come for the vibrators, stay for the female sexual empowerment.'

– Isambard Dexter & Jovan Singh Powar: Bicameral (Corpus Playroom, 9:30pm)

'A split-hour of stand-up from graduating Footlight Isambard Dexter and Computer Science PhD candidate Jovan Singh about the evils of Brand Twitter.'

– Bounce (ADC Theatre, 11pm)

'One hour of sketch comedy relief: get ready to dance, step in time, limber up. Bounce.'

– Impronauts Quickfire (ADC Bar, 8pm)

“Like a Shakespeare play but not Shakespeare or a play and it’s an improvised comedy show.”

– FootDarks (ADC Theatre, 11pm)

'footlights comedy but with sauce.'

Week 5:

~not much~

Week 6:

~not much~

Week 7:

– Shakers: Re-stirred (Corpus Playroom, 7pm)

'An excessive amount of cocktail puns along with Northern female narratives'

– Trade (Corpus Playroom, 9:30pm)

'A Caribbean summer: it’s hot, it’s spicy, and a perfect excuse for late-night post-exam cocktails.'

– Attack of the 50 ft Improvisers! (ADC Theatre, 11pm)

'Come for the guaranteed laughs, crazy characters and outrageous death scenes. A show that's horror-filled and hilarious!'

– Magnet Rose: Experience a Story with Tech and Art (ADC Theatre, Larkum Studio, 4pm)

'Explore the future of art and entertainment by becoming a character in our show – the 1st immersive narrative mixed-reality experience in Cambridge with art and technologies.'

– A Woman of No Importance (Old Court, Corpus Christi College, 3pm)

"My dear Gerald, examinations are of no value whatsoever.”

"So true, Lord Illingworth. Let’s forget about them and mock the upper classes over a picnic instead."

– The Footlights International Tour Show 2019: Look Alive! (ADC Theatre)

"this bumper two act sketch show from Cambridge's world famous comedy troupe will have a two week run at the ADC before touring round the UK, Edinburgh Fringe and North America later this year"

***May Week***

– Escaped Alone (Corpus Playroom, 7pm)

'written by an epic woman (Caryl Churchill herself), for a cast of epic women, about epic women.'

– As You Like It (Queens' College Cloister Court, 2pm)

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'Highest chance of seeing a goat on college grounds since 1948 (Queens’ JCR refuses to approve this message)'

– Twelfth Night (Clare Fellows' Garden, 2:30pm)

'Love, confused gender and identity all crossed with a lot of very silly behaviour take place in this riotous production of 'Twelfth Night' set the morning-after-the-night-before, and performed in Clare College's most beauteous gardens.'

So what are you waiting for? Get moving!