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Student petition launched to reinstate Jordan Peterson’s fellowship

The anonymous Google form has been circulating Facebook

In the latest instalment in the Jordan Peterson saga, there has been yet another petition launched to re-instate the fellowship of Jordan Peterson. However, unlike the petition, this one is specifically a student petition – for Cambridge students to appeal against the decision of the university.

The petition writes: "The signees of this petition believe that a visit of Professor Peterson – whose views are considered contentious but are firmly rooted in a belief in the same values – is of interest to many of the University's students, and consequently in the interest of diversity, inclusion and free speech.

"We thus request that the university reconsider their rescindment, and that his application be reconsidered on a purely academic basis."

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The Google Form asks for CRSID and the signer's opinion on whether Peterson's fellowship should have been rescinded, and whether they would have been interested in attending his lectures.

The petition has been shared in multiple Cambridge Facebook groups, including the Northerner's group, but has also found itself frequently deleted by admins.

If you are involved in the petition and would like to talk to The Tab, please email [email protected] or message us on Facebook.

Header image credit to Gage Skidmore.