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Robinson College May Ball cancelled

A statement was p​ublishe​d earlier today by the committee presidents

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Robinson College students (and anyone else who bought a ticket to Robinson May Ball this year) were in for a nasty shock today when it was announced that Robinson May Ball 2019 was to be cancelled.

Hay and Sophie, the presidents of Robinson May Ball said in their statement that the cancellation was due to ticket sales remaining "lower than we hoped for", and that "it would not have been financially feasible to hold a ball of the quality our guests expect and deserve."

There was earlier evidence of Robinson struggling to generate ticket sales when tickets for non-members were discounted to member prices and additional tickets were available to purchase for only £79.99. However, with the steep competition of 14 May Balls taking place this year, this strategy was clearly not enough.

In their statement, the presidents promised to "be in touch shortly" with regards to refunds, which are of course a primary concern for ticket holders, as they now try to purchase tickets to alternative May Balls.

Robinson College May Ball promises to return "better than ever in 2020".

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