News Column Week 7: Fox attacks and Confederate Flags

It’s all gotten a bit political

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Individual waving the Confederate Flag spotted

There have been sightings of an individual cycling around Cambridge with a Confederate Flag displayed from his bike: reportedly particularly in the Mill Lane area.

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The sightings join a body of evidence of the far-right's activities in Cambridge, which also saw an EDL rally on Parker's Piece last July

Following the evidence of a far-right resurgence in Cambridge last year – most obviously manifested in the bombardment of stickers associated with nationalist movements such as European Brotherhood and the Identitarian Movement – the sightings suggest that this ostensibly 'liberal' city still has deep political divisions to face up to.

Charity protests and philanthropy across Cambridge

The Colleges are not the only institutions experiencing agitations for fossil fuel divestment. Last week, protests against HSBC continued: pejoratively dubbed 'The fracker's local bank' by stickers surrounding the Cambridge branch of the commercial bank.

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The stickers surround Cambridge's branch of HSBC: another facet of the environmental activism in the city (Photo: Daisy Everingham)

More dramatic were the protests staged by Amnesty International this weekend, with students taking shifts inside a cage on King's Parade as part of the charity's 'Cage Campaign' to demand Peter Biar's freedom. On Sunday, students marched in support of the campaign in support of Biar: who may be facing the death penalty in South Sudan, where he has been imprisoned since July 2018.

Similar philanthropy was seen in the scarfs and hats left Sidney Street last week; each holding a label saying 'Not lost, take me if you need me’. Good form, Cambridge.

Dispute over the manifesto of Clare JCR President candidate

Another week, another News Column featuring Clare. It never stops over there.

In the run-up to the college's JCR elections, one of the three candidates running for President put forward a manifesto which sparked dispute on the Clare Freshers Facebook group.

Amongst other proposals, the candidate suggested abolishing gender restrictions on Executive Officer positions, amending the Women's Hour in the college gym and renaming the Women's, LGBT+ and BME officer positions to Gender, Sexuality and Ethnicity Officers respectively.

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I suppose there's a funny side to every political debate (Screenshot overlaid with laughing emoji by VapePig – source, licence)

It was hoped that this agenda would guarantee students representation "no matter their race or self-identified gender"; indeed, the candidate stressed they were not in favour of abolishing initiatives such as the Women's Hour, but sought to reduce the exclusion of male-identifying non-binary and transgender students.

Whilst the candidate was not elected President, the dispute over their manifesto perpetuates the debate regarding how minority representation is best secured at a College and University level.

Fox attack at Emma

In the midst of a perfectly innocent 1:30am cigarette break outside Emmanuel Library, an Emma student (who may or may not be Tab Cambridge's Deputy Editor) was launched at by a fox near the college's lake.

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(Emmanuel Lake © Marathon, source, licence; overlaid with fox clipart).

Whilst both the animal and human in question escaped unharmed, the incident appeared somewhat scarring for at least one party involved; when asked for comment on the incident, the student merely said "horny scary angry foxes". The Tab would advise all Emma students to stay safe from this blatantly huge threat xx

The outside world does not understanding The Bubble

An actual (real-life) news service has found Crushbridge and written a news story on it, calling the Facebook page's content the "Most bonkers declarations of love".

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Just wait until they see Cumbridge (source: CambridgeshireLive).

We all knew The Bubble was a bit weird, but who knew Crushbridge was headline worthy???

A light from beyond The Bubble…

Only two more weeks until Lent is over and the horrors of exam term are nigh!!!! What bliss.

If you're in need of a little lift to survive the next two weeks, here is a video of a group of baby emperor penguins protecting each other from giant petrel.

I am genuinely not kidding when I tell you that this video is the best thing on the internet.

Cover image by Tom McGachie, overlaid with fox clipart and image of HSBC protest by Daisy Everingham).