Bridge Facebook Pages: A guide

The ABRIDGED version

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Facebook ‘(insert random, probably weird, topic) bridge’ pages have come to dominate the entirety of the average Cambridge student’s news feed. For real. And these pages range from the wholesome, to the sad (ahem rowbridge), to the all out tragic. Let’s take a look…


With over 14k followers, all slightly desperate and following the page purely in the hope that someone will write them a post, Crushbridge is one of Cambridge’s most popular bridges.

Whilst we all hope for a love story beginning with someone writing us a very specific, personal post (yes I AM the girl in the Pink Floyd t-shirt that dropped her bag in the confectionary isle of Sainbos at 4pm Wednesday!!!!!), this literally never happens.

Instead, we all get hyped when someone tags us in a vague post that could potentially refer to us… as well 1000 other people (green coat dyed blonde hair girl I’m looking at you. OR am I looking at me?!?!?!)

Legit the only Crushbridge I can relate to. (source x)


Definitely the most disturbing of all bridges, here you’ll find content that belongs on the deep dark dirty web. DIRTY. Not even pornhub has categories to cover half the content you’ll find on here. And that’s when you know it’s bad. Here’s a collation of Cumbridge’s, ahem, highlights…

(CONTENT WARNING: utter filth)

Each to their own and all that… (source x)


The place where sad bastards unite to discuss ergs, soreen and blisters. Mmmm.

Good if you’re a rower who spends 80% of their time discussing bumps or their 2K time (“By the way, did I mention I row??!?!?!”). Bad if you’re a non-rower who despises the sport and everyone who talks about it nonstop.

Strange, strange breed of people… (source x)


The most wholesome of bridges.

Good if you need a break from the beef going down on grudgebridge or the disturbing content of Camfess. Here’s some personal favourites…

Big Tab love for the NICE PEOPLE in Cam <3 (source x)


Duckbridge. Ducks… seen in Cambridge. Damn son.

However, if you don’t like this seeeeriously cute page, then you must be quackers (WEHEYYYYYY get it?!?!? Quackers?!?!?!)

Here’s a personal favourite, selected from the page’s QUACKING content…

This guy has taken to the booze like a duck to water (source x)


The place to go to find memes that are tragically relatable for Cambridge students. Good for the bantz, bad when you’ve got a 2000 word essay due that night and are procrastinating big time…

We laugh so we don't cry (source x)


If you’re a shameless binge watcher of Peep Show (in your pants with a family pack of crisps at 3am. I know you’re reading) this is the page for you.

Here’s just some of the quality content you can find…

Mathmo 'socials' outed by a meme page (source x)


?? Apparently this is a thing now?? Basically people who are lonely and a fan of a good old spoon can post on cuddlebridge to find that no-strings attached fwa (friend with affection) that they’ve been dreaming of.

Admittedly a bit weird, but we'll roll with it.

Questioning what life is coming to when you're posting on an anonymous Facebook page for a cuddle… (source x)



Inactive since 2k17 (cry), Bridgebridge consists of bridge puns/edits that we may now remember, re-tag our friends in, and still find a little bit too funny.

Finally wed after a BUILD UP (!!!) of years. (source x)

To the admins of all bridge pages, I salute you. You work tirelessly to bring weird, slightly crap, and frequently disturbing content to the news feeds of Cambridge students. Keep up the excellent work guys.

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