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Cantabs are the third luckiest when it comes to parent’s financial help

Durham and Exeter come out on top


A recent study has found out that on average, a university student in the UK receives around £3,000 from their parents a year. And that out of all the universities, a student a Cambridge on average gets the third most help from their parents – £450 a moth.

The study carried out by Student Beans looked at how the money students got from their parents differed depending on the university and their home region. It focused on the UK's top 50 universities.

At £450 on average a week, Cambridge came behind Durham (£500) and Exeter (£450) and just ahead of our ol' pal O*ford (£400). The figure of £450 also happens to coincide with the amount that parents from the South East give their children a month on average.

All of these stats sound fairly high anyway but even more so when compared to Nottingham Trent and Liverpool where on average a student gets £50 a month or Cardiff where it's around £25.

As known to be one of the wealthier student cohorts these statistics aren't particularly surprising. However, these stats don't necessarily mean luxury life styles propped up by your parents.

One student commented: "I get a fair amount of money from my parents but this is because my student loan doesn't even cover my college bill. With the way the maintenance loans work and as we are restricted from getting a job in Cambridge I have no choice but to rely on my parents."

Another student said similar, ending on their response to the survey which was, "getting money from the bank of Mum and Dad isn't necessarily glamorous."

But still, this is perhaps another piece of data which points towards the access problem at this university. Or perhaps it reflects the expensive nature of life at this university, with some extortionate rents, over the top may balls and all manner of extra-curricular related expenses.

Originally this article said week instead of month because I misread the data sent to us and only realised upon being corrected some days later, but still £450 a month is quite a lot.