News Column Week 5: Royalty and rancid drains

Sweet, sweet juxtaposition

Buckingham Palace are getting involved in Cambridge

Last Wednesday, the Privy Council accepted the University Chancellor, Masters and Scholars' decision to change how Cambridge University students are referred to in legislation.

From now, any student matriculated at Cambridge will be referred to as a 'registered student' rather than a 'person *in status pupillari*''.

Who doesn't love a cheeky bit of bureaucracy!

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What a completely useless but vaguely interesting piece of information. (Source: x, accessed 18th February 2019. Privy Council Orders in Council Pt 3, Page 6).

After the Queen approved Dame Sally Davies as the new Master of Trinity College on 8th February, The Bubble has certainly been enjoying some time in the Buckingham Palace limelight recently.

Broken drains galore

It wouldn't be The Tab News Column if we didn't talk about poo/sewage/drains at least once a term!

In bizarre and slightly disconcerting unison, Queen's and John's both experienced a series of drainage problems last week which led to black water spouting from taps and drains – or, indeed, no water at all.

At John's, the culprit of the drainage issues appears to have been pieces of wood, wet wipes and a one litre coke bottle found in the drains. Students were warned that the College had come disconcertingly close to creating an 'environmental incident'.

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We knew there was a reason why no one likes John's

Whilst John's students were deprived of water altogether during their drainage issues, students at Queen's were treated to the delightful sight of black and brown liquids pouring out of their taps instead. Happy Week 5 guys!

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I'm not sure what the liquid in that mug is, but it certainly isn't water. Yum.

A light from beyond The Bubble….

If your own Week 5 blues are getting you down, just remember that firefighters had to rescue a mountain lion which was stuck up a tree in California this Monday. Everybody gets mid-term blues: even a big cat 5,292 miles away.

Cover image by Tom McGachie. Overlain with royal coat of arms by Sodacan (source, licence) and poo emoji by WikiMedia Commons (source, licence).