News Column Week 4: Mumsnet and more democracy

It’s like a 21st century French Revolution

The Tab Cambridge is validated by the Daily Mail and Mumsnet

Ngl, it's been a good week for The Tab Cambridge.

Turns out people really, really care about Girton Gym's Women and Non-Binary Hour. So much so the Daily Mail, Metro, Independent, The Times and Sun all co-opted our article.

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Taken from our Instagram, @thetabcambridge

Turns out even Mumsnet was getting involved in the debate. If that isn't the peak of journalistic success, I don't know what is.

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This particular Mumsnet contributor made perhaps the least helpful contribution to the debacle possible. An achievement in itself.

Trinity SU wants more democracy

In their outgoing email to the Trinity student body, the Trinity SU Vice President expressed their continuing dissatisfaction with CUSU democracy.

In particular, the CUSU Council's preoccupation with political questions – such as whether to support a second referendum or strike action – was alleged to have resulted in deficient attention being devoted to "college level" and "education issues". The former VP encouraged students to get involved with re-centring the Council's focus by engaging with the College Students' Union.

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Vive la révolution!

John's provides a chocolate fountain for student well being

With Week 5 blues looming on the horizon, John's provided students with a chocolate fountain last week for the wellbeing of its students.

The most bougie solution to an essay crisis ever? Look no further.

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Who needs healthy coping mechanisms when we have sugar! (Photo source: Alexander Kink, licence)


Whilst Cantabs might be running out of steam as we near the second half of term, the events celebrating LGBT+ History Month aren't slowing this week.

Miz Cracker, acclaimed Queen from Season Ten of RuPaul's Drag Race, is doing a talk on Drag and Drag History at Emma on Tuesday (even more worthy of celebration given it was arranged by a Tab team member).

Through to the end of the month, five different colleges are holding an LGBT+ formal on 28th February: Emma, Trinity, St Edmunds, Pembroke and Jesus.

Renovated BNOC list for 2019

The 2019 BNOC list is coming.

In the spirit of #democracy, this year's list won't include CUSU sabbatical officers: dashing Evie Aspinall's potential of getting the elusive number one spot (sorry babe).

Given the Sabbs are literally paid to be BNOCs, the renovated list will give greater representation to those who manage to juggle essay crises with shameless networking. Get campaigning.

A light from beyond The Bubble…

Last Wednesday, a Devonshire driver swerved and crashed in an attempt to avoid an octopus he allegedly saw on the road.

If true, the octopus would have had to have travelled 5km over hills and fields to make it to the A381; a true inspiration to us all as we near Week 5 (if we ignore the fact that it might have been a drug-induced hallucination).

Cover image by Tom McGachie. Overlain with Mumsnet symbol (source) and image of Miz Cracker by dvsross (source, licence).