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Why blind dating is better than Tinder

Hear me out

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With RAG blind dates soon coming up, it’s about time some of us ditched the old Tinder and gave this old school dating system a chance. Because actually, blind dating is so much better. And here’s why…

No crappy chat up lines to start the conversation

No more ‘hi I’m Mr. Right. I believe you were looking for me?’, no more ‘am I dead? Because I think I just met an angel’, no more titanic gifs with a follow up message reading ‘just breaking the ice’. Oh no. On a blind date your first exchange is simply ‘Hey, how are you?’. Unbelievable. A first exchange that doesn't make you want to projectile vomit!!!!!!!!!!

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'because I've got fine written all over me' WE GET IT SAM HavE SoMe ORIGINALITY

You have no preconceptions of this person

When you’re off to meet someone from Tinder, you have probably already searched for them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Whatsapp and Google images. It’s okay. We all do it. Whilst this is great if you’re as nosy as I am, it does mean that you go into the date with a pre-established picture of exactly what this person is like.

And this pre-established picture may be a bad one. Kevin from Leeds went to Kavos 2k17?! Must be a bad boy/ party animal. Don’t know if he’s the one for me. Don’t even know if I want to go any more…

In all seriousness, how someone portrays themselves online is often no reflection of what they are actually like. The fun of a blind date is that you go into it with no potentially daunting/ off-putting perception of a person, but instead enter with an entirely open mind. This also means that you won’t accidentally let slip something that you found out whilst stalking that they haven’t told you in person…

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“You're enjoying the chicken noodles? Aw you’re just like your Uncle Bernard on his trip to Japan in 2008…"

You know NOTHING about this person prior to meeting them

The unspoken rules of Tinder declare that you must chat for at least a couple of hours before arranging a meet up. And in this chat, questions of ‘what do you do for a living’, ‘what do you do for fun’ and ‘where do you like to go to eat/drink out’ inevitably pop up. And you know what that means? It means that when you do meet in person, you’ve exhausted these key conversation starters ALREADY. Bugger.

With blind dating you no longer have this issue my friends. Oh no. You know nothing whatsoever about this mysterious person, meaning you can ask them these key introductory questions and conversation can (fingers crossed) flow from there. Winner winner (slightly less awkward) chicken dinner.

You won’t get catfished

Whilst on Tinder there’s always the risk that the 10/10 peng ting you’re speaking to could actually be a 79 year old bloke, or (the horror) only a 5.5/10, when you’re going on a blind date you have no idea what this person looks like.

And this means that you have no chance of getting catfished. Nice. I mean, the slight downside of this is that you no longer have the potential to feature on MTV with Nev Schulman. But the pros here definitely outweigh the cons guys.

You feel more special

Ok, hear me out. On a blind date, you have been specially paired with this person based on your interests and personality (this is true for the RAG application process, at least).

And SURELY this makes your meet up feel more special and personal than one arranged on Tinder, where, let’s face it, you’re probably just one of the 96 people that Gary from Newcastle swiped right for last weekend. Real talk guys.

The excitement

If nothing else, going on a blind date is super exciting. You have no idea who (or what) you are going to be meeting, no idea what they are like, and no idea what you could be letting yourself in for. The thrill.

And even if it goes tits up, you’ll have a funny (and potentially embarrassing) story to keep your mates entertained next time you see them. Every cloud guys.

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"okay girl give us the goss"

It’s time for us Cantab singletons to stop swiping (at least temporarily. We’re only human), and to sign up for a RAG blind date. Because, let’s be real, blind dating tops Tinder every day of the week.