News Column Week 2: Forbidden hoops and fantastic flags

Week 2 of Lent sounds like a Horrid Henry book

Trinity flies the LGBT+ flag

Trinity College has announced to students that it will fly the LGBT+ flag on 1st and 28th February to mark LGBT+ History Month! 2019 has seen the role of Trinity LGBT+ officer contested for the first time, as three students are running for the role in the current elections. The College clearly knows how to start its 2019 right: wholesome representation.

As soon as The Tab’s eagle-eyed journos spot the flag in question, you can be sure that we’ll be getting suitably over-excited.

You’re less likely to be employed by Homerton May Ball than you were to get into Cambridge

Given a (somewhat bizarre?) influx of applications this year, the Homerton May Ball Committee worked out that the likelihood of getting an interview to work with them is lower than were your chances of getting into Cambridge.

Offering wages from £50 to £120 and conveniently placed at the start of May Week, the Committee have described their dramatic popularity amongst Ball worker applicants as a "slightly weird honour".

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There can be no tactical applications to Girton here

Wolfson's forbidden hoop

In a fit of understandable #treatyoself before the end of the January sales, Wolfson appear to have acquired a basketball hoop which they are not allowed to use after 6pm.

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Who knew postgrads had curfews?

Erection specialists visit John’s

God knows they need them.

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I know John's jokes are low blows, but c'mon I had to

A light from beyond The Bubble…

Apparently, an alpaca ‘walked very quietly into’ a French opticians and spent half an hour looking at the lenses before it was retrieved a couple of weeks ago. If an alpaca can do that, you can write your essay on Sunday after the Turf all-nighter (probably).

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