Cambridge’s Hottest Winter Wardrobes – Part 1

We asked for your best winter looks – and you didn’t disappoint…

Photographer Becca Nichols joined our models as they braved sub-zero temperatures to turn out some serious looks on Coe Fen last weekend.

The brief was simple: choose an outfit that best represents your Winter Wardrobe. And the results were spectacular.

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Read on to find out what winter fashion means to some of the most fashionable students Cambridge has to offer.

Wanipa – 1st Year Law at Trinity

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"My favourite thing about Winter Fashion is the option to layer clothing and experiment with cool combinations." – Wanipa

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"I'm wearing a beige trench dress with an oversized trench coat, beret, Doc Martens and my staple vinyl bum bag.

My style is a twist on the classics. I love styling traditional silhouettes, staples and accessories in "Wanipa" ways. I'm also particularly influenced by men's fashion, so I really like the look of oversized and boxy clothing.

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I chose this look because being originally from Zambia, where it's sunny 24/7, winter seems particularly "British" to me. Nothing screams Britain like a classic trench coat, and I decided to add some extra flavour by doing trench on trench. Iconic."

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Alex – 1st Year Law at Pembroke

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"I’d call this outfit ‘Couture Grandad Sheek’" – Alex

"The best thing about winter fashion is the crazy and alternative clothes you can find in charity shops and jumble sales! Sustainable fashion makes you look and feel amazing.

This look features an oversized blue boiler suit (bonus points for actually wearing it to do manual labour), a patterned blue and gold jacket (yet another banging charity shop find), and mismatched chunky necklaces.

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As a trans guy I’ve spent a lot of my life rejecting femininity, but lately I’ve been using indie and alternative style as a way to express my contemporary look and queer identity.

The boiler suit also has a lot of personal significance to me – my dad’s a plumber and I wear it at home when helping him with the motorbikes or doing household maintenance. It feels good to be wearing an homage to my background."

Valentin – 3rd Year Engineering at Corpus

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Valentin is wearing a 3-piece red and black suit, with a red and black paisley cravet and pocket square, plain circle lapel pin, black wool ulster coa and black leather gloves.

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"I love sharp styles and historical dandy looks. I enjoy adding bright colours, though, which are often missing from men's fashion. In summer, people expect a lighter, softer palette, but dark or bold colours and patterns are less out of place in winter.

Red seemed like a nice warm colour scheme, with the added bonus of looking like some sort of villain. The coat and gloves were thrifted – they're wonderfully warm and match the rest of my style quite nicely, so I don't have to choose between my vanity and the ability to feel my toes!

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The best thing about winter fashion is wearing layers, and going for looks that involve more than the thinnest of fabrics."

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Photography: Becca Nichols

If you're feeling inspired, follow the lead of these gorgeous fashionistas and go create the ultimate winter wardrobe of your own.

And there's still more to come: check back next week for the rest of the shoot, with more stunning models and their incredible looks.