News Column Week 1: Resurrection, rogue tourists and released from the bunkabins

New year, same Cambridge

Celebrating end of the Medwards Bunkabin Saga

At last, the Murray Edwards students have been released from the bunkabins! The girls are rightly throwing a celebration to mark the end of the bad-smelling, hot water-less term which cost them a mere £1,600 (though, with rebates, the final cost of the bunkabins fell to £1,300 a term). Definitely a story for the grandchildren.

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Literal tourist-gate

The Queens’ Fisher Gate has been padlocked on grounds of being "broken". The findings of The Tab’s world-renowned #investigativejournalism, however, suggest that it has likely been barred due to the repeated appearance of tourists in and around the Queens’ accommodation, who have accessed the College through this entrance.

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Just as the tourists see through the 'Student Only' signs, The Tab sees through the Fisher Gate's lies

Resurrection of the d(ead)rama society at Caius

The Gonville and Caius theatre society is being resurrected, with the intention of making Cambridge's drama scene more accessible. The society will be running one-to-one audition preparation sessions and social acting workshops for wannabe Thesps, whilst also funding and putting on a few shows throughout Lent.

First Diversity Day at Caius

Another event at Caius; another Google search required to make sure that I have actually spelt the College's name right. Lol.

On 2nd February, Caius will be hosting its first annual Diversity Day. Featuring over a dozen culture societies and a keynote speaker, the event will utilise discussion groups and workshops to explore identities, food, art and dress from cultures across the globe. Tickets launch Tuesday at midday.

Celebrity visitor at Corpus

Caryl Churchill is coming to see the performance of her play 'Drunk Enough to Say I Love You?' at the Corpus Christi Playroom in Week 2. Albeit an alumnus of The Other Place, Churchill's plays – also including 'Top Girls' – rendered her one of the most famous playwrights of the 1980s and 1990s.

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The Tab officially forgives Churchill for being an Oxon

Clare Night Porter revelation

Following the tragic death of the Mayor of Cambridge, it was revealed to students of Clare that Mayor Gawthorpe was actually a Night Porter at the College.

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The revelation re-emphasises how much the Cambridge community lost with the passing of Mayor Gawthorpe

A light from beyond The Bubble…

Cambridge can get a little bit (read: very) claustrophobic, even four days into Full Term. So, in case your first essay crisis and/or exam meltdown was in Week 0, here's a story about a kitten which was rescued from a US motorway, and then adopted by its hero, to brighten your Week 1.

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