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Rainbow Cafe to shut down

Where am I meant to take my out of town vegan friends now?

Through the medium of a sad facebook post it has been announced that the well loved Rainbow Cafe will be shutting its doors on 26th November 2018. So in just over a week's time…

Having been run for 30 years they are moving on for 'new times and new places.'

The cafe, in a basement spot just off of King's Parade, specialised in dairy free, gluten free and vegan food. With fresh food and a cosy little environment it was a fabulous place to go for a plant based meal. Their vegan cheesecake definitely being a firm favourite.

Unfortunately, they say in their facebook post that they 'tragically' couldn't find someone to take over the business from them.

So, you have a week to get in there and try their fab food whilst we at the Tab all mourn the loss of such a lovely little independent eating spot and work out where to take our out of town vegan friends.