Cambridge’s graduates are more employable than Oxford’s

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The University of Cambridge holds onto the title of the most employable university in the UK. Take that Oxford.

QS, the analysts behind the World University Rankings, have released the 2019 edition of the Graduate Employability Rankings. We may have dropped a place since 2018, but we are still 7th in the world — Oxford on the other hand, just makes the cut for the top ten.

The results are calculated based on graduate employer reputations, alumni outcomes (i.e. the universities that are producing world leaders in their field), partnerships with employers per faculty, employer-student connections on campus and graduate employment rate. The methodology behind this attempts to overcome the argument that the relationship between university choice and career outcomes cannot be appropriately quantified.

In 2017, Cambridge was in the top 5 of the Graduate Employability Rankings, but entries from our competitors over the pond have demoted us to top 7 (which is definitely a thing). This is the first time MIT has nabbed the top spot.

If it's any consolation to Oxford, they're one spot ahead of us on the World University Rankings — can't have it all. For now.