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Anger over exam error

A part IB Physics paper had “typos” in “all scripts”

Students are complaining after a part IB Physics exam paper contained "typos" which made one question impossible to answer.

The errors were identified in the first twenty minutes, but some students had already spent a significant amount of time on the unanswerable question.

One student commented: "They stopped us 20 minutes in, thankfully before I started the question, but it was unfair for those who wasted time trying to do it that we didn’t get any extra time at the end".

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Another attested to the stress this error caused: "I know it messed some people up a lot, a fellow student became so upset from it he had to take some time out".

The department has sent out an email apologising for the errors, promising to "make appropriate allowance[s] at the marking stage". However, some students argue that this is insufficient and extra time should have been granted.

This comes after another episode of Physics exam mistakes five years ago. In this instance, students were awarded an extra 15 minutes.

In an already stressful exam term, errors such as this can add unnecessary pressure and distress. The Tab wishes all Cantabs (especially IB NatScis) the best of luck in their examinations!