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Evie Aspinall takes CUSU Crown

The Vice President of Cambridge for Consent is elected CUSU President

After a long, hard week of furious campaigning and tough competition from all three candidates (maybe due to the fact that they all mainly agreed with each other on almost everything), the CUSU kingdom is now Evie's to reign over.

Evie has had a steady election week spent flyering at Sidge, partaking in interviews and being endorsed by the Cambridge University Liberal Association. Evie has experience as the founder of the Jo Cox Feminist Society and Vice-President of Cambridge for Consent and now will be able to add CUSU President to her CV.

She took the election victory in the second round of voting. She told the Tab: "I was honestly so shocked, the tension was palpable. Thanks you especially to Pembroke for all their help, I'm so shocked I didn't think I could win."

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Emrys Travis was announced as Disabled Students' Officer-Elect.

Matt Kite was announced as Education Officer-Elect.

Claire Smith was announced as Women's Officer-Elect.

Christine Pungong was announced as Welfare and Rights Officer-Elect.

Shadab Ahmed was announced as Access Officer-Elect.

Marcel Llavaro Pasquino was announced as University Councillor-Elect.

The Graduate Union President position is subject to much controversy as two of the three candidates have been subject to disciplinary investigations and one of them is still ongoing. We should have the results by Sunday.

The new CUSU Sabb team, headed by Evie, will take control in July this year.