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Fresh Prince of Ballare: Best Dressed at Cindies WEEK 5

It’s called FASHUN, look it up honey.

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Cindies this week was a spiritual experience. Midnight struck, and we officially waved goodbye to *Week 5*. Suddenly, all of our problems evaporated. Angels sung from the heavens. We were stressed no more. This called for a celebration of good clothes.

I'm not sure what happened this week, but if you follow the geography of these photos you will find yourself embarking on your very own outfit treasure hunt around the perimeters of the smoking area. What a GREAT way to procrastinate. Enjoy.

Claudia, Medicine at Catz

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This retro jacket and red dress combo has brightened up the dreary queue-jump-queue-that-is-actually-still-a-queue queue, and apparently also the trainers of those in close proximity.

Claudia, MML, and Eliza, HSPS, at Trinity

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These gals look too cool from top to toe. Please teach me your ways.

Kam, Classics at Clare

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From cool to HOT in 0.3 seconds, aided by this incredibly warm looking fleece. I want it.

(Just as a side note, I realise that each of these articles has featured at least one person wearing fluffy outerwear of some variation. Call it a Freudian slip of body heat, if you will.)

Lucy, Classics at Newnham, and Jonathan, Economics at Catz

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Honestly it was the colourful jacket that caught my eye, but, reluctant to go for the solo #OOTN photo, a comrade from the smoking area was recruited. I'm unsure if these two actually knew each other at the time of photoshoot, but now their introduction can be preserved forever.

Ellie, Real Estate Finance at Darwin

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Look at the puffer jacket! Glorious, on-trend and practical. This wins.

Abby, History, and Seun, Law, at Queens'

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Vibrantly coloured clothes were all over the place it seems. What a way to brighten up Week 5. Note the subtle theatre promo.

Izzy, HSPS at Magdalene, and Hannah, Economics at Queens'

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Combining comfort and #edge is an art form.

Rachael, History at Medwards, and Labina, Classics at Magdalene

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In the midst of the whirlwind that is Cindies, the light at the end of the tunnel is not the road to Van, but the girl who is wearing the same top as you. Oh Zara sale, how you unite us.

If anyone needs me, I'll be outside Cindies forevermore, probably still approaching people with nice (WARM!) jackets. Will it be you next time?