Tory grandee says Corbyn will be next Prime Minister

Andrew Mitchell opens up to Cambridge students – including about ‘plebgate’

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In a talk given to Jesus College Debating Society, Andrew Mitchell, former Government Chief Whip and Minister for International Development, speaks about his political experience.

Mitchell is an alumni of Jesus College, having studied History, and was also President of CUCA in his time.

In response to a question about how the Tories should react to the surge in Corbyn popularity, he expressed his opinion that Labour will win the next election, and Jeremy Corbyn will become the next Prime Minister. This was a prospect he regarded with apprehension, believing that borrowing and taxation will increase drastically, and compared it to the situation Margaret Thatcher inherited from Labour.

Where the 'plebgate' incident took place

Mitchell was refreshingly candid in the intimate talk and confessed that he voted for the Iraq War, something which he wholeheartedly regrets now. However his biggest political regret was about the 'Plebgate' incident, in which Mitchell was accused of swearing at Downing Street police and calling them 'plebs'. Mitchell expressed regret about his actions and wished he did not get riled by the police.

Regarding the political figures he greatly respected, Mitchell named Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher, British leaders whom he believes have no equal going back to Churchill.

He also spoke at length about his passion concerning international development, issues which he stresses require international co-operation, hence he was firmly against Brexit.

It remains unclear about what Mitchell thinks of Theresa May and the current government, but certainly he does not think their position is strong, and instead now is the prime time for backbenchers to get their agendas across.